Long live the H&K G3! Portuguese NAVY approves the Spuhr upgrade kit

    The Portuguese NAVY joins the Swedish Army and Home Guard in bringing eternal life to the Heckler & Koch G3 by buying the Spuhr Upgrade Kit for their service rifles.

    The deal is done by the NT Group in Portugal. According to their homepage, their mission is “…to provide goods and services with added value in our different business areas, complying with the customer operational requirements and favoring win-win business relations on a long term perspective.”

    After long-term testing, which included the feared NATO drop test where the rifle is dropped from 200 cm (6.56 feet) down onto steel. According to our information, this test was fatal for the competitors.

    So what has the Portuguese NAVY bought for their aging G3s?

    Below is a list of the selected Spuhr H&K upgrade products:

    R-402 G3 Top Rail

    Article no.: R-402

    Lightweight Top Rail for G3 and clones. Uses a unique cummerbund design to ensure that the front of the rail remains secure and movement free. Made from single billet of 7075 T651. Height: 13 mm/0.51” (from top of receiver to top of rail) Length: 245 mm/9.65” Weight: 195 g/6.9 oz

    Below: Picture of the Spuhr R-402 G3 Top rail

    And underneath. Notice the quality production code, which we told you about in the TFB Factory Visit: Spuhr Scope Mounts and Accessories

    R-401 G3 Forend

    Article no.: R-401

    Lightweight slim profile aluminum forend for HK G3 and clones. Made from single billet of 7075 T651. Includes one A-0002 Picatinny Rail as well as two set screws to take up any play between the rear of the rail and the receiver and/or barrel shank. Features Spuhr Interfaces on the bottom and the sides for attaching accessories. Lower weight than original plastic forend. Total weight 190 gram.

    R-410 G3 Stock Assy

    Article no.: R-410

    6-position stock assembly with replaceable cheek piece allowing for different sight solutions. Remove factory stock from metal back plate and attach our stock adapter using the factory fasteners and the included washer or buffer collet (depending on buffer assembly). Will fit HK G3 and Umarex VFC G3 GBB, as well as the CETME, HK MP5, HK33, and HK53 provided the firearm has a metal back plate for a fixed stock. Weight: 385 g / 13.6 oz Length*: 180-260 mm / 7.09″-10.24″

    The Portuguese stock has a special feature. The cheek piece is not screw mounted, so it can be detached by hand so that the H&K G3 can still be used with iron sights. This is not the most comfortable way of shooting, but it works and is intended if the main sight stops to function for some reason.


    It’a not preferred, but after removing cheekpiece you can perfectly use the iron sigths (Spuhr)

    Also, the Portuguese have a different sling swivel than the original one from Spuhr (R-401).

    TFB has, of course, acquired these upgrades for one of “their” rifles, although it is only a semi-automatic clone made by MKE in Turkey. Please note that the pictured products here are what you get if you order from Spuhr, and does not have the Portuguese specials.

    The “Do you even Fika, Bro?” patch is a Spuhr special only given to visitors at SHOT Show this year.

    These upgrade kits are available for civilian sales (as pictured), where legislation and shipping permits, and you can find the prices in Euros in the clickable product links provided above. For the USA please check with Mile High Shooting.

    The number of rifles that will be upgraded in Portugal is not official at this time.

    Below: Exploded view of the Spuhr stock. (Photo courtesy of Spuhr)

    Below: The Spuhr stock on a H&K MP5, with some…different…stocks around.


    From the Spuhr Social Media:

    Portuguise Navy have after extensive testing adopted our upgrade kit for G3.
    The testing was very interesting as it consisted of a number of two meter drops into steel and that is what literally killed the competition!

    About the NT Group in Portugal.

    NT Group

    NT Group is the evolution of a Portuguese business group with over 25 years of experience in the Naval, Defence and Trading sectors. Collaborating with prestigious partners of international renown, NT Group has completed hundreds of successful projects for private and public customers in Portugal and other important markets all over the world.

    About Heckler & Koch: https://www.heckler-koch.com/en.html


    For more information about Spuhr (Sweden) please check their homepage.

    Also make sure you check out the TFB Factory Visit: Spuhr Scope Mounts and Accessories as well as the Review: The new Aimpoint ACRO P-1 with Spuhr Interface.

    The SAS G3 – Heckler & Koch MC51 is pretty cool too and has the Spuhr stock and MP5 forend.

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