TFB Review: Infitech Aimpoint Micro Mount, Enlarged Magazine Release & Charging Handle

    We have previously covered the Infitech Ruger PC Carbine Aimpoint Micro Mount and other accessories, but it was now time to put them on an actual rifle.

    I probably have spent more time upgrading and evolving my Ruger PC Carbine (hunting version) than shooting it, but that was going to change as soon as I got one of my Aimpoint H1s or H2s on.

    As I was pretty eager to mount these upgrades please excuse the lower-than-normal quality of the pictures.

    Here’s how I started out. Yep, the Swarovski Z6i 1-6×24 in the Spuhr mount is a bit of an overkill for the 9mm Ruger but it was rather nice to have.

    The reason why we’re moving the sight from the receiver and all its nice Picatinny to the barrel side is that there are claims that there is a point of shift as you take the barrel off and back again.

    I have no idea if this claim is true or not, but it makes a lot of sense in the world of mechanics.

    First I removed the charging handle (this is not the original Ruger charging handle, but another upgrade).

    Comparing the Infitech Extended Charging Handle. The smaller one is a MIDWEST INDUSTRIES, INC. PC9 BOLT HANDLE which I got from Brownells.

    For the record, I also have the MIDWEST INDUSTRIES, INC. PC9 QD STOCK PLATE and the MIDWEST INDUSTRIES, INC. RUGER® PC9 CARBINE M-LOK ADAPTOR on my Ruger, all from Brownells.

    Below is a comparison between the original magazine release and the Infitech Enlarged Magazine Release. As you can see there is a huge difference both in size and how the Infitech model protrudes.

    This may not be to everyone’s liking, but I think it was an improvement.

    The install was super easy. In some cases, with the charging handle, Infitech supplies new screws otherwise just use the old ones already on your rifle. Just remember to use Loctite on the threads once you are ready, to avoid disappointments at a later stage.

    It is now possible to press the magazine release with the palm of your hand. I didn’t discover any change getting the magazines out between this and the original version, but it’s also depending on how hard you tighten the screw.

    “Open Your Eyes” patch by Aimpoint. I have to say I prefer the “If it’s RED it’s DEAD” version we did as Photo Of The Day before.

    Below – Gorilla grip, Ruger PC Carbine Aimpoint Micro mount and the original sight in pieces.

    Below you can see the three holes once the stock sight has been removed. You use the outer ones to mount the Infitech mount. Again, use Loctite.

    All of the screw holes on the Ruger were filled with oil. You might want to clean that and use Loctite or similar thread locker to keep everything in place.

    Below you can see how I initially placed the mount, then Infitech told me it’s supposed to go the other way around. However, you could actually use it either way it’s just up to you how close or far away you want the Aimpoint to be.

    Below: The Ruger taken down, with the Infitech mount now on the barrel-end.

    As you can see, there is not much space between the mount and the receiver. However, there are no clearance issues, and it’s possible to take-down and put it together without issues.

    Very sleek design.

    And with the Infitech handguard (not tested).

    You can use a raiser if you want, to get the Aimpoint higher.

    Below you can see a description of the Infitech products, with prices and more professional photos than the ones I managed to arrange.

    Ruger PC Carbine Aimpoint Micro mount

    Price: $ 81.89

    Product Description:

    Low profile mount for attaching an Aimpoint Micro or similar red dot sights* to the barrel of you Ruger PC Carbine.

    Replaces the rear sight using the factory mounting screws.

    Does not interfere with the takedown function and ensures the sight stays zeroed to the barrel.

    Machined from a billet of 6061-T6 aluminium, anodized matte black.

    Includes screws for attaching red dot.

    Sight not included.

    *Fits most sights using the same mounting interface as the Aimpoint Micro

    Note: Due to the very low profile of this mount, it does not fit with the Midwest Industries handguard without modification.

    Note: The included mounting screws must be used in order to provide enough clearence between the mount and the receiver.

    Ruger PC Carbine Extended Charging Handle

    Price: $ 40.69

    Product Description:

    Extended charging handle for the Ruger PC Carbine with heavy knurling for better grip.

    The larger and textured surface helps with improving reload times.

    Machined from steel and oxidized black.

    Mounting screw included, enabling the possibility to use of dual charging handles.

    Ruger PC Carbine Enlarged Magazine Release

    $ 40.69

    Product Description:

    Enlarged magazine release for the Ruger PC Carbine.

    The larger surface area of the magazine release button helps with faster reloads.

    Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminium and anodized black with laser engraved logo.

    Uses the original mounting screw.

    For reference, after this test was finished Infitech released the Gen 2. It might interest as few readers as an alternative.

    Ruger PC Carbine Extended Magazine Release Gen2 – $ 55.89

    Just as I was finished with this review, I took delivery of the Infitech IMB9 Muzzle Brake, which you can see below.  It’s machined from 4140 steel and finished with Cerakote Armor Black, and comes with 1/2-28″ threads and a crush washer. I am going to try it as soon as I get a chance.


    All of these upgrades from Infitech work as advertised. They are very easy to install.  I cannot find anything to complain about in terms of the materials, CNC work, surface finishing or quality of the parts.

    An extra plus for the Aimpoint Micro mount which accompanies the design of the rifle very well.

    If you are in need of the added functionality or just want to upgrade as part of your hobby is up to you really, and only you can judge if you think the price is worth it.

    I have no scientific evidence that the Ruger PC Carbine won’t hold its zero if you have the sight on the receiver. It’s just common sense (to me) that if you take the barrel on and off there might be changes in the zero, and with this solution, you don’t have to worry about this.

    Below: This makes mechanical sense. What do you think?

    The Aimpoint Micro comes very low unless you use a raiser (not supplied). What is best for you all depends on how your body is built and which stock you’re using.

    I have only seen the Gen2 magazine release on pictures, and by the looks of it, it would be my choice over the one tested.

    Please check when we Chronographed 12 different cartridges in the Non-Restricted 18″ Ruger PCC.

    I asked if Infitech is considering developing a mount for the Aimpoint ACRO, but it is unlikely. Otherwise, it could fit the take-down style firearm that the PC Carbine is, with its lower profile.

    For the record Infitech supplied these parts free of charge.

    Let us know in the comments below. Do you have a problem to keep the zero with your Ruger PC Carbine?

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