POTD: Spanish Snipers from Battle Group Latvia

    Today we take a look at Spanish Snipers and spotters from the eFP Latvian BattleGroup, as they maintain their level of marksmanship on a range in Camp Ādaži training area in August 2019.

    Above you can see a sniper shooting with a tripod. This is much more difficult than it looks, at least that is my opinion as a beginner. Have you tried it? What did you think of it?

    Notice the front Picatinny rail, probably for some kind of Night Vision equipment.

    The eFP Battlegroup in Latvia is 1 of 4 defensive, multi-national NATO coalitions in the Baltic states and Poland to deter aggression and promote peace.

    Pretty nice artwork on this AI. Notice the spent cartridge coming out. I think the scope is a Schmidt & Bender with AI logotype.

    Below: Some portable 60 mm mortars deployed by Italian and Spanish soldiers in the Camp Ādaži training area (Latvia).

    Bilden kan innehålla: 2 personer, utomhus

    Bilden kan innehålla: en eller flera personer och utomhus
    All photos by: Corporal Djalma Vuong-De Ramos and Sgt Marcos Robles.