Taurus Adds .454 Casull to Raging Hunter Line

    Taurus Raging Hunter .454 6.75".

    Taurus Raging Hunter .454 Casull with Matte Black Oxide finish and 6.75" barrel. Credit: Taurus Firearms.

    After introducing the .357 Magnum version, Taurus has decided to inject some serious power in the Raging Hunter line by introducing a .454 Casull version. This addition gives more purpose to the hefty yet aggressive lines of the revolver and it surely broadens its appeal to hunters.

    Taurus Raging Hunter .454 8.37".

    Taurus Raging Hunter .454 Casull with Matte Black / Stainless finish and 8.37″ barrel. Credit: Taurus Firearms.

    Here below the full press release:

    (Miami, FL) – Taurus, manufacturer of quality handguns for hunting, self-defense, and competition, has announced that its newest member of the Raging Hunter revolver series, the Raging Hunter .454 Casull, is now shipping to dealers nationwide. The .454 Casull Raging Hunter joins the original .44 Magnum and the recently introduced .357 Magnum chambers offered in this exciting hunting revolver platform.

    The Taurus Raging Hunter earned the 2018 American Hunter Handgun of the Year Golden Bullseye Award for its innovative design, reliability, and value, delivering on all the key points serious handgun enthusiasts seek in a hunting revolver. Ergonomics and shooter comfort come by way of the revolver’s exceptional balance, lightweight barrel housing, and cushioned insert grips. A sleeved barrel construction, factory-tuned porting, and a gas-expansion chamber to reduce muzzle rise make the Raging Hunter quick on follow-up shots and an ideal revolver for short- and mid-range big-game hunting.

    Available in three barrel lengths—8.375, 6.75, and 5.125 inches—the .454 Casull Raging Hunter features a spurred hammer, DA/SA action, and a five-round cylinder. It is available in two frame colors—matte black or stainless—with matte black barrels and cylinders. An integrated Picatinny rail provides easy optic mounting while shooters who prefer open sights will appreciate the fully adjustable rear sight for precision zeroing.

    All barrel lengths and color combinations of the new Raging Hunter .454 Casull are available and currently shipping to dealers nationwide.

    Taurus Raging Hunter .454 5.12", black.

    Taurus Raging Hunter .454 Casull with Matte Black Oxide finish and 5.12″ barrel. Credit: Taurus Firearms.

    Taurus Raging Hunter .454 5.12".

    Taurus Raging Hunter .454 Casull with Matte Black / Stainless finish and 5.12″ barrel. Credit: Taurus Firearms.

    While some may be concerned about shooting such a high-pressure round in anything different from a Freedom Arms or a Ruger, Taurus has actually a long experience in handling this beast. The Raging Bull has been in the Company’s catalog since 1997 and it was also appreciated by TFB a few years ago.

    Taurus Raging Hunter .454 5.12", front.

    Taurus Raging Hunter .454 Casull with Matte Black / Stainless finish and 5.12″ barrel. Note the sleeved barrel. Credit: Taurus Firearms.

    Taurus Raging Bull .454 5.0".

    Taurus Raging Bull .454 Casull with 5.0″ barrel. Note the solid barrel. Credit: Taurus Firearms.

    Indeed it’s interesting to have a quick look at what differentiates these two models. First of all, at about $1,200 the .454 Raging Bull carries a higher MSRP than the newer Raging Hunter, priced between $910 and $ 920 depending on the configuration. We can consider the first as a more premium model and the latter a more utilitarian one, but which one offers more value is a rather subjective choice.

    Quite surprisingly, the 2 models do not share the same frame, as it can be noticed by looking at the shape of the trigger guard and the contour of the top strap. The Hunter has a more squared off design throughout. The barrel is now a sleeved design instead of a solid one and it sports an integral rail for secure attachment of a long relief scope or an RDS. Grip and controls appear to be the same and the overall weight of the Hunter is a bit lower than the Bull’s with comparable barrel length.

    Taurus does not mention it explicitly, but .454 revolvers can generally fire safely all flavors of .45 Colt, making them among the most versatile big bore wheelguns.

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