Special: Magpul PMAG 300BLK in Medium Coyote Tan

    Most of our readers, and probably everyone who owns a firearm in the 300 Blackout caliber, knows that Magpul has a designated PMAG for the 300BLK.

    The magazine is supposed to give the shooter an increased reliability and performance compared to the use of traditional 5.56×45 magazines. The risk of unwanted feeding problems and inadvertently confusing the various types of ammunition is also minimized. That being said, most people never experience any kind of feeding issues with the normal 5.56 PMAGS.

    The question is how successful has the 300BLK PMAG been for Magpul? My guess would be probably not so much. It’s a known fact that most Magpul products are available in a multitude of colors, but if you check for the 300 BLK you can have any color – as long as it’s black.

    That didn’t stop Magpul from collaborating with MP-Sec / Terräng (Europe/Sweden/France) to make the one and only MAG-800 magazines in the color MCT specially designed for 300 Blackout.

    MCT is short for Medium Coyote Tan. The color was released in 2016 by Magpul. Check the video here.

    It is said that these originate from a special order, for a “special project” with an unnamed unit, but that a few were sold on the open market.

    Below you can see the Terrän Instagram feed from the summer of 2019.

    Here are the screen prints (in Swedish only) for the PMAG 30 AR300 in MCT. With a retail price of 249 kr (SEK) which is about 25 USD. Note the option for MCT.

    And the reference picture, in larger size: 7.62×35.

    And here it is in the flesh:

    The main Magpul webpage only lists the black color as an option.

    Here’s a Black PMAG with 300 Blackout rounds:

    PMAG 5.56×45 window to the left and 300 BLK to the right, both in MCT:

    The knife above is a Microtech SOCOM Auto.

    300 BLK MCT back and front, as well as unopened.

    Below: Assorted types of 300 BLK for show. Frangible in the top position.

    Time for some FDE, sorry MCT.

    The dagger is from Spartan Blades and the automatic is a Microtech UTX-70.

    Here’s a closer look at the 300 BLK follower:

    Below is a nice 300BLK build (SBR), with a Mega lower and a JP CTR-02 upper. Bull barrel from Lother Walther and Aimpoint H2. Magpul K2+ pistol grip. Notice the Elftman push-button safety and Geissele trigger.

    300 Blackout SBR with the Medium Coyote Tan 300BLK PMAG:

    I am fully aware that a new color may not be the hottest thing on Earth, but there might be some people who really want them. Well, now you know that they have been made and that they are available in this special online shop.

    If you want to get your own 300 BLK PMAG in MCT they are still available at the Terräng online shop, at least by the time of writing this article. (Link here) I am not sure if they can ship these magazines back from Sweden to the country where they were made (USA), but it can be worth a try.

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