Nebraska State Senator Takes 1st Place In International Multigun Cup 2019

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A Nebraska State Senator, Tom Brewer and his son-in-law, Dalton Boden just took first place in the International T-Class Multigun Competition. The competition was held in Bulgaria from September 27-29, 2019. Not only did they take first place, but Senator Brewer did the entire competition, including running, jumping and all sorts of shooting positions with broken ribs. Senator Brewer had been injured in a recent biking accident but was determined to compete.

A promotional image from stated that there were more than 20 stages, with shooting situations ranging from 5-1200 meters. The competition required teamwork between the two-man teams, shooting with bolt action rifles, ARs and pistols during day and night time stages. The promotional photo below features an illuminated target at night.

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Senator Brewer, at 61 years old, is no stranger to winning competitions. According to the Journal Star, he’s won 10 national shooting championships already, though they didn’t specify which ones. Dalton Boden, Senator Brewer’s teammate and son-in-law is a 1st Lieutenant in the Nebraska National Guard. The Journal Star quoted a text Senator Brewer had sent during the competition:

“2 days down at the international sniper championships. End of the second day and we are still in first place in our division. We have one more day and a lot can change but we are shooting very well. The Russians are hot on our trail. — Col Brewer”

The title image features Senator Brewer and his rifle in a PDC Custom chassis. His partner is seen using a Ruger RPR. In a comment on the Senator’s Facebook page, he affirmed that he was using 6.5 Creedmoor.

Photo from Senator Brewer's Facebook page.

Senator Brewer retired from the U.S. Army Reserve as a colonel after 36 years of service, six tours in Afghanistan, and two Purple Heart medals. Feel free to congratulate Nebraska State Senator Brewer on his win. You can read more about his exploits and injuries HERE. I hope he can recover a little easier now that the competition is over. You can find out more about T-Class competitions HERE and see photos from past shoots HERE.

Doug E
Doug E

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