NEW Beretta 92 Magwell And Magazine Base Plates From Volker Precision

Doug E
by Doug E
New Beretta 92 Magwell and base plates from Volker Precision

Volker Precision has been working to expand the Beretta 92/M9 aftermarket options for a couple years now. They recently announced their newest products with the Beretta 92 Magwell attachment and their magazine base plates. These new additions join Volker Precision’s other Beretta 92 aftermarket parts, such as their Flat Faced Trigger, grip panels, and the Enhanced Slide Stop.

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New Beretta 92 Magwell and base plates from Volker Precision

The new Beretta 92 Magwell from Volker Precision is an aluminum piece that Volker Precision offers with black, silver, or red anodizing. Volker Precision notes that their Beretta 92 Magwell will only work with their proprietary magazine base plates.

Carry Magwell for Beretta 92
Finally a Magwell that has a generous funnel without being overly bulky. Although this magwell was designed with concealled carry in mind, it is just as at home being used for competition.

Important: You must use our Magazine Base Pad or ext. Magazines with factory base pads will not fit.

Compatible with: All Beretta series 90 pistols such as 92, 96, M9A1, M9A3 etc.

Beretta 92 Magazine Base Pad
Flush fitting magazine Base Pad for use with or without our Magwell.

Made from indestructable Nylon for hard use!

At present, the Volker Precision grip panels seen in the photos are not yet available, however in reply to commenters on their Instagram page, VP mentioned that they’ll be dropping more info on those in early March. The Carry Magwell is listed for $90, and each base plate is listed at $14.75. You can follow the price links for each individual product, or visit to view their whole catalog of products.

What do you think about Volker Precision’s new Beretta 92 Magwell and magazine base plates? Do these catch your fancy? If you’ve already been using their other Beretta 92 or other products, let us know how your experience has been in the comment section.

All images are credited to Volker Precision.

Doug E
Doug E

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  • B Snappy B Snappy on Mar 01, 2024

    I can’t imagine being limited to only using their magazine baseplates once you install the magwell. It looks nice, but at 15 bucks a pop for baseplates, that could get expensive for someone with more than 2 magazines; and most everyone has more than 2 magazines for every gun they own. Good for competition I suppose.

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    • Andrew Andrew on Mar 14, 2024

      @B Snappy I mainly experimented with magwells when I was competing with Berettas, particularly for trying to add weight to my 96a1. Never found them particularly useful on a M9 for any other purpose. I did some light flaring on my Limited Minor gun, instead, and later moved to an Elite III, which I sure wish was available in a steel frame.

      I think Mecgar does make some or maybe all Beretta factory mags. However, the Mecgar branded mags have a slightly lower shelf on the follower where it engages the slide lock. This increases the frequency of both auto-forwarding, and failure to LRBHO. Some Beretta factory mags are like that, also, and there’s like 3 or 4 follower styles currently between Mecgar aftermarket and Beretta factory. Factory Beretta and Mecgar-labeled mags always fed well, though.

      In Limited Division, I always preferred the 17rnd 92a1 and even better, 17rnd M9A3 mags. It was worth giving up a round in a match, to have consistent slide-lock.