TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #117: NRAAM 2024 Wrap-Up with Hop

Luke C.
by Luke C.
TFB Behind the Gun #117: NRAAM 2024 Wrap-Up with Hop

NRAAM 2024 is all wrapped up and in the books. This year we didn’t see a whole bunch of groundbreaking releases or entirely new products but instead, we saw a lot of revival product lines. Today on the Podcast, Hop and I go over some of our observations about social media and its influence on the firearms industry, as well as our thoughts and opinions about which subsectors of the firearms community are driving most of the trends and sales that we’re seeing. If you’re here just for the coverage of the cool products released at NRAAM 2024, you can also check out our full playlist for NRAAM 2024 on TFBTV Showtime starting with the video below. Thanks as always for tuning into the podcast and we’ll see you all again next week!

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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #117: NRAAM 2024 Wrap-Up with Hop

The NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits are a yearly treat for Luke and Hop. In stark opposition to the SHOT Show, which is an entirely industry-focused event, the NRA show is for customers and gun hobbyists. At the NRA Show you’ll find loads of firearms accessories for sale, and a bunch of helpful staff from the gun companies both big and small to tell you all about their products, and show you the ins and outs of them. Today Hop and Luke will go over some of their favorite and least favorite things about the NRA Show and their thoughts on some of the new products featured at this year’s Texas-based NRA Annual Meetings. If you missed out on the NRA Show entirely, Luke & Hop were on the scene this year to cover some of the most popular releases at the show. You can watch those videos below.

TFBTV Showtime NRAAM 2024 Playlist

TFB Behind the Gun #117: NRAAM 2024 Wrap-Up with Hop

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