Budget Mag-Fed .50 cal AR Upper: McCutchen MF-50M Review (Kinda)

Brannon LeBouef
by Brannon LeBouef

Brannon LeBouef, of NOLATAC Firearms Training, St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center, and the NOLATAC Veterans Training Program, takes a partial look at the McCutchen MF-50M Fifty Caliber ( 50Cal rifle ) bolt action rifle. This unique rifle has a side loading 5 round magazine and a proprietary firing pin safety.

Despite a lot of troubleshooting and changing out parts, we ran into some issues that we could not remedy, but we look forward to letting them troubleshoot it and get it back to us soon to stretch it out as intended. We also look at the Bushnell 4.5-30 x 50mm XRSII on a Weaver mount.

We tried PMC, Hornady, and of course, some Ventura Munitions ammo to see if we could get this pig to squeal. We are hoping they can figure out the issues and then we can run some accuracy groups on it. We definitely want to give this beast another look, and while 50Cal can be punishing to shoot, it is definitely fun.

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McCutchen MF-50M in .50 Caliber

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Brannon LeBouef
Brannon LeBouef

Brannon LeBouef is an 11-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a law enforcement officer since 1996, owner of the St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center, NOLATAC Training Center, NOLATAC Training and Consulting, and the NOLATAC Veterans Training Program. Brannon has trained people from all backgrounds across the world and also worked as a private security contractor overseas. Brannon's core skill set is instructing and business development within the firearms industry.

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  • Klaus Klaus on Oct 02, 2019

    You could have at least pronounced the guys name(company) correctly one time. No L.

  • Midnightyell Midnightyell on Oct 03, 2019

    I witnessed a cheap .50 upper explode and injure the shooter at my local range in 2014. The bolt blew back and embedded itself in the guy's neck. I'd personally think twice before putting a cheap .50cal anything next to my expensive head. Just my $0.02.