U.S. Marshals Adopt Leupold Delta Point Pro And Dawson Precision Sights

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Leupold recently reported that the United States Marshals Service has selected their DeltaPoint Pro pistol red dot sight. It will also be paired with the Dawson Precision sights and interchangeable plate. According to several forums (example HERE), the Marshals Service has allowed red dot sights on personally owned pistols for some time already. However, it seems that a more formally issued standard may be forthcoming. Leupold had the following to say in their press release:

Leupold & Stevens, Inc., is proud to announce that the United States Marshals Service has selected the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, paired with Dawson Precision sights, for its duty firearms. The project is the result of a collaboration between Leupold and Dawson Precision.

Leupold’s DeltaPoint Pro delivers an immense, crystal-clear field of view and bold aiming points that are designed for high-pressure situations. It is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, has slotted 1-MOA click adjustments, eight user-selectable intensity settings, and Leupold’s Motion Sensor Technology (MST). It weighs just less than two ounces.

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Interestingly, Leupold made no mention of the red dot system being attached to the standard issue Glock that the Marshals have been accustomed to. However, the press release dropped a curious hint to a program involving the STI pistol manufacturer:

“We are honored to contribute alongside Leupold to the United States Marshals Service STI SRA Pistol project,” said Dave Dawson, President and CEO of Dawson Precision, Inc. “And I would like to thank both for providing us the opportunity to work with the Marshals. We look forward to further developing our relationship with Leupold and are excited about the future partnership possibilities in the competition and tactical arenas.”

With the involvement of STI International, known for making modernized 1911 pistols, the STI Staccato P Duo model seems to fit the bill and already offers a slide cut which is compatible with Leupold’s DeltaPoint Pro and is paired with the Dawson Precision Perfect Impact rear sight system. Below is a photo of the Staccato P Duo from STI’s website.

Image from STIguns.com

For more information about the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, you can watch the promotional video from Leupold’s YouTube channel below, or view their website HERE. You can also check out Dawson Precision’s products on their website HERE.

What do you think about the U.S. Marshals Service selection of the DeltaPoint Pro and the collaboration with Dawson Precision? Do you think the U.S. Marshals will switch completely over to STI’s pistols, or will it be issued for more specialized units?

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Doug E

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    I would bet that rifle is pointed at the crack in the doorway, not at his partner, and will be quickly swept to the left as his partner advances. I don't think he would be around long if he pointed his weapons at his team mates continuously, he'd be sent back to school, then sent to the unemployment line.