Suppressed Kel-Tec SUB2000 Shorty

    The Kel-Tec SUB2000 is one of the more popular firearms produced by Kel-Tec. Its folding barrel makes the whole platform compact when stored. The latest iteration of the SUB2000 comes with a factory threaded barrel. The problem is when you attach a suppressor to the SUB2000, it sticks out past the stock when folded. Robert W. posted his SUB2000 shorty in an NFA group.

    Here is what a factory SUB2000 looks like folded and suppressed:

    Robert’s SUB2000 Shorty is not new but it is unique.

    Here are some previous examples of shortened SUB2000s.

    Photo by Gone Postal on ARFCOM

    Photo by Oso Grande on KTOG

    Now let’s take a look at Robert’s take on the problem. Both of the previous examples use the Red Lion handguard for the Gen1 SUB2000. Robert’s SUB2000 Shorty is a Gen 2 SUB2000. Robert integrated his design to take advantage of the SilencerCo Osprey design. Both SUB2000 shorty designs above lose their ability to lock when folded. Robert’s SUB2000 Shorty locks onto the crenelations at the front of his Osprey 45.

    It is such a clever use of components and looks clean. The only issue I have is the MLOK slot is compromised. The other problem is that Robert’s SUB2000 Shorty no longer has a front sight. He is looking into adding another MLOK slot into the side and using the Midwest Industries offset micro mount. However, it won’t be streamlined. The optic can swing out of the way to clear the receiver when it folds. But the optic cannot swing back since it will hit the side of the receiver. You cannot add a front sight to the top of the Osprey since it will hit the top of the stock or buffer tube. Even though it compromises having a front sight it does look very good and a lot of fun to shoot. Plus you can store it folded in a small bag without needing to remove the suppressor. I wish Kel-Tec made factory pistol variants of the SUB2000.

    Have you put together a SUB2000 Shorty build? Share it in the comments if you have!

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