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[SHOT 2020] Industry Range Day – Kel-Tec SUB2000 CQB – Integrally Suppressed Folding PCC

At SHOT Show range day today, Kel-Tec introduced their brand new version of the SUB2000, the SUB2000 CQB. The CQB has an integral suppressor and still folds easily for compact storage. The forend of the rifle actually functions as part of the suppressor, and take-down [Read More…]

PCC Kel-Tec Prototype .308 Bullpup Rifle (6)

Modern Personal Defense Weapon Calibers 009: The .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire

So far in the Modern PDW Calibers series we’ve talked about small caliber, high velocity PDW rounds like the 5.7mm FN and 4.6mm HK, and we’ve tackled larger, punchier calibers like the 10mm Norma Auto and the 7.5mm FK. However, we still have not tackled the [Read More…]