Fresno Police Seize Prohibited Weapon Off The Streets: A Suppressed Kel-Tec Sub2000

    Just last month Fresno Police Department triumphantly seized a prohibited firearm off the deadly streets of Fresno. It was a Kel-Tec Sub2000 with what looks like a DIY suppressor.




    On January 15, 2019 detectives from the Multi Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium Metro Tactical Team and detectives from the Multi Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium Metro Investigations were proactively patrolling the downtown area when they initiated a traffic stop on West Fresno gang member Darreante Johnson. Detectives stopped Johnson in the 2800 block of Fresno Street and later found he was in possession of a loaded semi-auto rifle with a high capacity magazine. The rifle also featured a suppressor. Johnson was booked into the Fresno County Jail for being in possession of the prohibited rifle.

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    Sergeant James Rossetti
    Fresno Police Department

    From the photo above the gun is not California compliant. In CA, Due to the silly laws in CA, a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine cannot have any assault weapon features like a pistol grip. I have seen local gun stores sell Sub2000s with a kydex wrap around the grip. Yes it is asinine and it is easy to say “move out” or “don’t comply” and this is the result. Of course it does not help things that the alleged is a known gang member.

    Looking further at the photo of the Sub2000 there are some interesting things we can glean. The Fresno Police Department show the magazine and the ammunition inside.  There are only 15 rounds so that makes me think this could possible be chambered in .40 S&W. Do those cartridges look like .40 S&W to you?

    If you look above the magazine it seems the trigger guard has been possibly modified. There is a small nub left on the gun. This is to unlock the barrel and fold the Sub2000. Although I am not sure why someone would want to cut the trigger guard?

    The rear sight is leaning forward at an awkward angle which leads me to believe that it is broken. From factory, the Sub2000 rear sight is erected upwards when you unfold and deploy the barrel, It cannot fold down unless you modifiy the rear sight or something broke inside.

    The truly interesting modification is the make shift muzzle device. Fresno Police claim it is a suppressor. I would be interested to see if the ATF is called in and what testing they perform to see if it truly is a suppressor or just a linear comp. From the photo it looks like the rear is held on with what looks like hot glue. I am curious if the DIY suppressor has baffles and what it is made out of.

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