[SHOT 2019] NEW Global Ordnance’s Convenient Pop CanMunition


    Global Ordnance is a company known throughout the world for sourcing and providing arms and munitions to government and law enforcement entities. At SHOT Show 2019 they brought with them something I mis-identified as an energy drink, and boy was I wrong! They have a new, creative way of selling ammunition in a sealed pop can they are dubbing CanMunition.

    The idea seems relatively simple, right? Yet no one has tried or thought of this before. They take an aluminum pop can and place common cartridges in it, expel all of the oxygen out of the can, replace it with nitrogen, and finally seal it waterproof tight. This new form of packaging and selling ammo might come across as a gimmick at first thought, but it provides a lot of benefits over traditional cardboard packaging.

    • Waterproof
    • Oxygen-Free
    • Storable & Resealable
    • Non-Corrosive
    • Rust Proof


    By storing, shipping, and selling ammo in this fashion it will never tarnish (as long as the can is never punctured). Right now they are using a standard 12 ounce pop can, but they could utilize larger ones in the future as well (think big energy drink cans). For now, these are the calibers they are packing for shooters to purchase:

    • 9mm 115 Grain Ball | 90 Rounds | MSRP $24.99
    • .223 Rem 55 Grain Ball | 40 Rounds | MSRP $19.99
    • .300 Blackout 125 Ball | Undecided | Undecided

    The different cartridges you could pack in these cans are nearly endless. To start off they are going with those 3 common ones. After speaking with the folks from Global Ordnance they stated their goal is to really grow this idea to include significantly more calibers, grain weight options, and vary the can sizes.

    If this really begins to blossom CanMunition could be a prepper’s dream! Easily stack-able cans that will never tarnish and the left over packaging is recyclable and has re-sale value. That is pretty awesome, but what do you guys and gals think? Is CanMunition a type of ammo and packaging you would want a pallet of in comparison to traditional cardboard packaging? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.


    And here is a PKM rifle Global Ordnance brought with just to prove they do more than ammunition in pop cans, cheers!

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