FIRST LOOK: Global Ordnance’s Sub Compact Weapon Entry


    Global Ordnance's entry into the SCW Programme STRIBOG AP9A3S (Global Ordnance)

    Yesterday we reported that the US Army had selected six entries from vendors for its Sub Compact Weapon programme to find a new compact, concealable 9x19mm submachine gun for issue to personal protection details. Today, we have a first look at one of the submissions that we initially knew little about.

    Global Ordnance have been kind enough to provide some information and photographs of their SCW submission. Global Ordnance, a Florida-based defence wholesaler, submitted a design based on the STRIBOG, a 9x19mm pistol calibre carbine, from Slovakian manufacturer Grand Power. TFB first covered the STRIBOG back in 2015 and it has since been imported by a number of retailers, including Global Ordnance, and sold as a pistol.

    STRIBOG 9mm pistol

    Grand Power’s STRIBOG 9mm pistol (Sportsmans Outdoor)

    Global Ordnance are operating as the prime contractor for the contract, with Grand Power s.r.o of Slovakia operating as their sub-contractor. Grand Power have been developing weapons for the commercial and government markets since 2003, with Global Ordnance’s relationship with the Slovakian company dating back to 2014. The two companies are now partnering for military and law enforcement opportunities. Global Ordnance worked with Grand Power to adapt their existing STRIBOG design to meet the US Army’s SCW criteria. The two companies confirm that they also submitted to Army Contracting Command’s abortive first call for submissions.

    The designation for Global Ordnance’s SCW submission is the STRIBOG AP9A3S submachine gun. The weapon is described as a fully ambidextrous 9x19mm submachine gun. In line with the US Army’s SCW requirements the weapon is select fire with charging handle, magazine release and safeties on both sides of the AP9A3S.

    Stribog AP9A3S

    Stribog AP9A3S: blue training use upper receiver on the left, standard SMG on the right (Global Ordnance)

    The weapon has a passing external resemblance to the B&T ACP9, however, Grand Ordnance confirm that the design is unique to Grand Power. The AP9A3S has an anodised aircraft grade aluminium alloy upper receiver and a polymer lower. The dual charging handles are non reciprocating, a change from the original design, and the weapon has a collapsible wire stock – when collapsed the weapon is less than 15 inches long. The AP9A3S also uses Grand Power’s dynamic bolt delayed blowback system which reduces recoil.

    The AP9A3S feeds from 20 or 30 round magazines, weighs less than 7 lbs and has a 5.5 inch barrel (the maximum allowed). The weapon also had integrated back up iron sights which fold flush with the AP9A3S’ picatinny top rail. The weapon also has integral M-LOK accessory mounts machined into the receiver at 3 and 9 o’clock. Global Ordnance’s submission also includes a suppressor designed and built by Grand Power.


    Profile view of the dedicated blue training receiver, the Grand Power-designed suppressor and the standard AP9A3S, note also the 30 and 20 magazines (Global Ordnance)

    In line with the Army’s requirements the AP9A3S is capable of firing training/marking rounds, it uses an interchangeable complete upper receiver which is painted Blue to denote the training only use.

    Global Ordnance’s Director of Programs, John Summers, said that the company was “proud to partner with Grand Power of Slovakia to supply the US Army a high quality, accurate and user friendly Sub Compact Weapon system.”

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