The 10:th Special Forces Workshop in Guestrow (Germany)

    The 10:th Special Forces Workshop 2018 in Güstrow (Germany) was organized by the Baltic Shooters, and contained three action-packed days.

    The event is by many considered as the best military and law enforcement events in Germany.

    As could be expected, there are not many pictures or details available from the various Workshops, but thanks to JPW_FIDES on Twitter and his JPW STRATEGIE & TECHNIK Blog, we have permission to show a few.

    You can also check last year’s event for some cool images.



    Below: Live firing the Heckler & Koch HK416 A7, or G95, with a Schmidt & Bender 1-8×24 PMII ShortDot Dual CC at the 10th Special Forces Workshop in Guestrow. Certainly a “luxury” firearm in terms of specifications and price.


    Below: A Haenel CR308. It is interesting to note the similarities between the Heckler & Koch HK417 and the Haenel CR308.

    This Haenel CR308 comes with a Schmidt & Bender PMII scope and Aimpoint red dot (T-2 most likely) and a Spuhr mount. Note the lever to change the handgurad.

    TFB were among the first, if not the first, to report about the Haenel CR308 as it was released this spring. You can check our story here.

    I would recommend to use the Spuhr Aimpoint mount on the 2-3 o´-clock position instead, but it’s a personal preference.

    Below: Live firing the SIG MCX “Rattler” at the 10th Special Forces Workshop in Guestrow.

    For more details on the MCX check the SIG Sauser LE page.

    Below: Rheinmetal VTAL and Lumenator. Rheinmetal also showed some 40 mm Special Purpose Ammo (not in pictures). There are apparently more options than Surefire around.

    Rheinmetal are to supply Laser Light Package for the new Bundeswehr’s Special Forces Assault Rifle, called the G95. You can check TFB’s story here.

    Let there be lights! With the Laser Light Package from Rheinmetal.

    The rifle is a Schmeisser AR15 and Optix NVG.

    Schmeisser Germany also posted the below three pictures from the event.

    Schmeisser Germany

    Looks like the Red Dot is a Falke. Handgun: Glock.

    Schmeisser Germany

    Schmeisser Germany


    Below: UF PRO Striker Uniform with boots from Meindl. The camouflage is PhantomLeaf.

    Below: “Tools of the trade!” For the personal protection teams in Germany – the Heckler & Koch G36, Aimpoint on top and Glock 17.

    Sources: JPW_FIDES on Twitter and JPW STRATEGIE & TECHNIK Blog, with permisson.

    Eric B

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