New Haenel Defense CR308 at EnforceTac & IWA 2018

    The Enforce TAC 2018 and IWA Outdoor Classics show 2018 is coming to Nurnberg as usual.

    At IWA, in hall 1, booth 331, you can discover C.G.Haenel’s product pallet.

    One of the news will be a new AR10 style rifle called the CR308. This is to complement the CR223 (AR15-style) line of products.

    This is how Haenel describes it, and until the full details are released we just have to guess. I presume it is going to be similar to a HK MR308, just like their CR223 have similarities with HKs MR223.

    I have contacted Haenel Defense, but any details will not be revealed until the show opens. However we have a few pictures to enjoy.

    And probably the best one here:

    If I can be mean I’d say they managed to get all shades of FDE on the rifle, just like HK and FN SCAR.

    From their Facebook page:

    “Haenel CR 308: long lasting, cold hammer forged precision barrel with A2 flash hider… to be continued soon”

    Haenel & Merkel at IWA Germany.

    C.G. Haenel GmbH develops, produces and distributes high quality hunting, sporting and law enforcement weapons – originating in the old gun maker’s town Suhl, rich in tradition, into the whole world. Suhl can refer to the expertise of excellent engineers, weapon technicians and gunsmiths – and on staff that carries weapon-engineering in their genes and memes.The Suhl Company was founded in the year 1840 by the Prussian commissioner for firearms manufacturing Carl Gottlieb Haenel. Since the 16th century, located at the gate of the Thuringian forest, firearms were produced. C.G. Haenel is therefore in one line with a century old tradition of gunsmiths, manufacturing- and industrial companies in the region.

    The historical brand represented technological high-end weapon systems, mainly for the military, which were closely linked to the designs of the weapon developer Hugo Schmeisser.Many semi- and fully automatic weapons originated from C.G. Haenel and from Schmeisser, who was co-owner and general manager of the company.One of the developments of Schmeisser at C.G. Haenel is the machine carbine 44, the first machine gun in the world.

    Today the company is a part of the Merkel group which in turn is a part of the Tawazun Holding (UAE).

    Here’s another teaser of the CR308.

    “Come and see our new family member at Enforce Tac & IWA 2018 – our new CR308!”


    The G29 (pictured below) can be seen at Enforce Tac 2018, in hall 10.1 booth 537.



    Haenel Defense – Semi-automatic rifle CR223

    Since before, TFB has reported multiple times about the German Police using the CR223 rifle. For instance as part of this anti-terrorist package for the Saxony Police as well as the Hamburg Police.



    CR223s with B&T suppressors.


    Solutions for Suppressors

    Due to the increased demand of silencers in the law enforcement area, C.G. Haenel entered a strategical cooperation with the company B&T AG in Switzerland. As an example there is for instance the B&T Silencer for the RS8/9 sniper rifle.

    Helix Suppressor

    The first rifle suppressor by Haenel/Merkel. This is developed by themselves for the civilian market (hunters mainly). Check out the details in this pdf.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.