Anti-terror package to the German Police, with more Haenel CR223 (AR15) and HK SFP9

    The Saxony Police in Germany gets an Anit-Terror package from the Minister of Interior.

    The package is worth 15 million Euro according to and contains 7 armored Toyota Land Cruiser V8s, ballistic helmets, plate carriers, Haenel CR223 (AR-15) in 5,56 mm and 9 mm Heckler & Koch SFP9s. 

    To the best of my knowledge, after detailed checks of these pictures, the rifles are semi-automatic only.

    The HK SFP9 was already introduced last year, and the phase-in delivery is expected to finish in 2018.

    2017-01-13 00.55.00

    Considering the rather strong German automotive market the choice of a Toyota is surprising, but at least they chose to support the local firearms manufacturers. Haenel are located in the neighboring state.

    Two of the seven vehicles will serve the Special Operations Command of the Police in Saxony. The remaining five vehicles go to the surrounding Police stations in Sachsen. The cars can be used all over the country in appropriate situations.

     Close-up of the Haenel CR223, note extra magazines, radio and what looks to be a flashlight or a laser.

    This version of the Haenel has the EOTech in a rised mount.

    The side arms is a HK SFP9. I note that the magazine is loaded, which I would say is not typical for these type of PR pictures.


    EOTech sight, with a close-up of the close-up for detail. The rifle seems zeroed for 50 meters.

    2017-01-13 01.03.42

    There’s also a version with an EOTech 3x magnifier.

    Note that this version has the magnifier and the sight sitting directly on the Picatinny.

    2017-01-13 00.55.18

    The Minister of Interior, Herr Markus Ulbig, seems safe and happy in this position.

    2017-01-13 00.56.36

    2017-01-13 00.55.28

    The choice of color is a bit of a surprise for a Police unit.

    2017-01-13 00.55.09

    In November 2016 we reported that the Police in Hamburg were getting the Haenel CR223 as well.

    Hamburg Police (Germany) issuing HK MP5 and Haenel CR223 (AR15)

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