The Photo Collection: IPSC World Shoot Shotgun 2018

Eric B
by Eric B

The IPSC World Shoot Shotgun 2018 has ended and I hope all competitors are back home safe now.

The location was Chateauroux, France, where the French have built an excellent National Shooting Center for all sorts of shooting sports.

The Firearm Blog was there of course and below you can see a variety of pictures from the Opening to the Closing of the World Shoot.

The top photo is taken by Chris Jonkers, Studio BoJo.

All the World Shoots I’ve been to have been very social. Competitors from all over the World meet and greet, and compete! May the best win!

And some seem to come there to look for people to work for them!

The French Foreign Legion was there to inform and possibly recruit people. Luckily I was to old!

If you’re interested, just remember that the duration of the initial contract with the Foreign Legion is 5 years (non-negotiable).

Neck Glock is a new to me.

There were a lot of people from Thailand. A few Swedes and other nationalities seem to hide in there too.

Opening ceremony

The Swedish Team with front figure Pia Clerté.

The clay shooting arena was absolutely massive.

American team folding the American flag after the opening ceremony.

“Sporty and fast shooting” – IPSC in French.

It’s all about making friends around the World!

One of the German competitors shooting a stage in area 2.

World Shoot is always a good place to spot the latest firearms. Here the Wright 12 from RnR Targets which TFB has covered twice already here and here.

We will of course get back with more on this new shotgun. Ryan Hickey (USA) is holding it.

Some of the more famous American ladies together with Thais shooters.

United States entering.

Peace Love and Shotguns

Stage 25 – the best solution to success? A shooter maps his plans. MOVE!!!

One of the best shooters in the World. Raine Peltokoski from Finland. Here seen on the practice bay.

Steel Popper down!

One of the slug stages. 8 IPSC targets in 8 places and maximum distance up to about 50 yards.

One of the stages with buck shots. Don’t hit the red targets!

Another slug stage. Notice the guillotine.

Inside the arena there were TVs showing pictures of the shooters.

I call this “When you’re supposed to shoot weak hand, but do it with your strong hand…”

Tricky stage with three areas and two bridges. Don’t break 90 degrees as you run backwards.

Range Officers with Thai shooters.

Smile, be happy.

Cinema stage.

Close-up, including a Swedish Open team. Full Metal Jacket (1987) and R. Lee Ermey (RIP) as Gny. Sgt. Hartman.

One of the Brazilian ladies in the jungle.

Tactical Eye Patch – when you’re left handed but must shoot right handed.

One of the Swedish squads, all shooting Open division. Note: there’s 8 people in the picture.

Again, don’t get the red steel, it’s a No Shoot. The second clay was very tight from the shooting position. Better know your chokes.

Yes, I’m sure the IPSC World Shoot for rifle should work in France too. They have several bays like this.

Flower Power in an UTAS Shotgun.

One of many Swedish competitors, but the only one from Laos, changing jerseys

American and Russian ladies Open Teams.

I noticed more and more Shield Sights on the shotguns this year, including my own.

Open Division Senior Teams.

Barn find where I stayed.

When in France, once the World Shoot is over, time for Magnum loads.

The French National Shooting center is really well equipped. Here you can see a very wide bay for .22LR shooting.

Clay shooting.

Shoot-off price awards.

US ladies did well in the shoot off, as usual.

The Finns aren’t too bad at shoot offs either. Here Kim Leppänen from King Competition.

Very Finnish Problems presents – we all got a price. The bronce winner doesn’t look too happy.

Russian ladies prepareing for shoot off.

USA vs. Russia in Open Ladies.

Lena Miculek, Diana Muller and Dakota Overland oon the podium in Ladies Standard. Well done!

Johan Hansen from Sweden wins Open Senior, JoJo Vidandes from USA second and Luciano Todisco Italy third.

Alëna Karelina from Russia wins Ladies Open.

USA Ladies Team.

Most of the pictures are from the author and some are from Chris Jonkers from Studio BoJo.

That’s all folks!

We will be back soon with an exclusive TFB interview with the winner in Open division Josh Froelich (USA).

Eric B
Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6x6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.

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  • MediumSizeTex MediumSizeTex on Jun 21, 2018

    I had no idea anyone was fielding lightsaber bayonets!

    That course looks like a lot of fun, the bridge section in particular makes the footwork aspect of shooting on the move much more of a challenge, and much more entertaining.

  • Noob Noob on Jun 22, 2018

    the spacer on the magazine tube is interesting. does that mean that the magazine tube was never parallel with the bore?