PK Design Labs’ New M52 Weaponlight And Tape Switch

    For those of you not familiar with Paul Kim AKA PK and his legacy of flashlight design, you just need to look at the flashlights that helped SureFire in the 2000s. He was responsible for helping to develop and design many of the SureFire Lights you may use and enjoy. The X-series pistol lights and Scoutlights along with the U2, Kroma, Titan, and the Hellfighter just to name a few. PK left SureFire to pursue flashlight design on his own. Last year PK unveiled his PRX rocket weapon light. It is a single cell weapon light. Well the new M52 weaponlight is a 6 volt 2-cell weapon light that uses a tape switch similar to the Scoutlight tape switch with a small twist, it has a 90 degree plug.


    According to PK, the new tape switch will be compatible with SureFire scoutlights. From the photos below you can see the M52 weaponlight has a two part tailcap. It is more of an adapter that allows the Scoutlight compatible tail cap to work with the PK M52.  Below are renderings of the M52 weaponlight compared to the ubiquitous Scoutlight.

    One of the problems with the SureFire Scoutlight is the lack of a 90 degree plug. Sure, shooters have compromised and lived with it for over a decade but it is time for an update.  You can see the photos below of the new tape switch and tail cap on a single cell version of the PK PRX single cell weapon light,

    No word yet on price or availability. Just the tape switch alone will be a great upgrade for SureFire scoutlights and coupled with Cloud Defensive LCSMK2 light control system you will have a nice and neat light package with out much wires sticking out. No need for zipties or other unnecessary methods of attachment. I am eager to see the specs of the M52 Weaponlight and hope for an IR version in the future. For more information go to,

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