POTD: EMTAN CZ Scorpion Mag Fed AR


    At IWA, I walked past EMTAN’s booth.See photo below. Nothing of much interest as their booth had AR-15 style rifles. That is until I spotted something on the wall that looked interesting. It is a 9mm AR that uses CZ Scorpion Evo mags.

    Considering the popularity of 9mm pistol caliber carbines I am surprised something like this does not already exist in the US. Right now pistol caliber AR carbines come in Glock, Colt/UZI, and MP5 magazine patterns. There are even some that use M&P magazines.

    Some might argue that the CZ Scorpion magazine is the weakest link of the Scorpion weapon platform. However I counter that argument with the fact that the magazines are inexpensive. They are only $20 to replace and while there was a stint of bad mags out there, CZ was on the spot about replacing them for free. Also I have not heard of any recent breakages of Scorpion magazines. The people who complain about the Scorpion mags are the same type of people who complain about the Wankel rotary engine in the Mazda RX-7 and how the Apex Seals break all the time. While that is the case for some, that is not the case for all and it does not affect how awesome they are to drive.