[SHOT 2018] NEW CZ Scorpion Micro pistols and CZ's own line of Suppressors!

Rusty S.
by Rusty S.
The Winds of Change…

New at CZ-USA’s booth were two Scorpion pistols in configurations that consumers have been looking for. The first was a super short pistol with collapsing brace called the Scorpion EVO 3 S1 “Micro”. The Micro features a 4″ barrel, SB tactical telescoping brace, HB Industries’ short hand guard, a Faux Osprey suppressor (placeholder until one gets a real one) and a collapsed OAL of only 16″. CZ aims to get this pistol into consumer’s hands by Q2/Q3 2018.

Scorpion Micro
The muzzle end of the faux Osprey flashcan
Rock you like a hurricane:
w/flash can and folding brace. sorry about the shoddy lighting.

Next up, we have the Scorpion pistol with flash can and folding brace. This version sports SB tactical’s side-folding brace, the handguard from the Scorpion carbine, and a 7″ barrel. It comes with a 5″ KAK flash can as a placeholder for a suppressor.

Both of these pistols handled well and had good balance. Either would make a very good plinking or PCC-style competition gun.

They blinded me with Silence!

Another cool development is CZ now has its own line of suppressors-and integrally suppressed barrels. Starting off the line is the very cool, very quiet CZ Integral chambered in 22lr and .17HMR. Built on 455 receivers and barrels, the new system uses screw-in baffles. The barrels are reamed out toward the end, threaded, and then the baffles are screwed in. Yes, CZ will include a tool to allow end-users to tune baffles to their liking, or remove them for cleaning. Pretty smart of them. The baffles and endcap are made of 7075 aluminum. CZ recommends cleaning of the baffles and threads every 300 rounds.

CZ Integral 22 lr on the bottom, below the Scorpion
a closer look at the screw-in baffles
Paging Duran Duran

If one wants a suppressor that was engineered specifically to work well with the Micro, CZ has you covered with the new CZ S2 TI Reflex. Working with Aerocharger, CZ created a Titanium can with a 2″ reflex blast chamber that extends all the way rearward to the receiver. It weighs 9.6oz and reportedly has a report of 130db with 147gr ammo. A more economical version will also be available in Stainless Steel construction. EDIT: MSRP is $929 for the TI, and $599 for the SS. 5.56, 7.62, and .338 versions in TI are coming soon, at around $1279 MSRP.

The r-r-r-r-Reflex
And don’t forget a 10…

Dan Wesson’s new Wraith suppressed 1911 in 10mm was also at the CZ booth. The 10mm is getting a lot of love lately, and the Wraith seemed like a great platform for it. Just don’t run it subsonic, that’s what .45acp is for…speaking of which: the Wraith also comes in 9mm and .45. Personally, the “distressed” finish is not for me, but it’s done tastefully enough.

The 5.75 barrel wraith in "distressed duty" finish.

Congratulations to CZ for their new suppressor line, and continuing to expand the Scorpion line towards what consumers wan, right out of the box!


Rusty S.
Rusty S.

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  • Int19h Int19h on Jan 24, 2018

    It's great to see them picking up the best Evo handguard on the market (instead of the usual NIH syndrome). But I wish they looked at some other products as well, like extended mag release and a pistol grip with a more sensible angle.

  • SLM SLM on Jan 24, 2018

    Excellent article, good photography, concise and informative. Keep up the good work!