New Enduron Powder: IMR 8133

    IMR 8133 powder

    IMR recently announced an addition to its Enduron line of powders. The new powder is the IMR 8133. The 8133 is the fifth powder offering in the Enduron line.

    IMR considers the Enduron line to be one of its “improved powders” that offers increased temperature stability with the added benefit of removing copper fouling while shooting. Further, the company identifies the Enduron line as being environmentally friendly.

    According to the company, 8133 was developed with the slowest burn rate of all the Enduron powders for magnum calibers including:

    • 300 RUM
    • 28 Nosler
    • 264 Win Mag

    The company states the burn rate compares closely to that of the Hodgdon Retumbo powder.

    IMR expects to begin shipping 8133 in February of 2018. As of the time of this article, load data is not listed on the IMR site yet. I would expect to see that added in the next few weeks as the powder gets closer to shipping. Both one and eight pound canisters will be available.

    “IMR” stands for “Improved Military Rifle,” which is closely tied to the company’s history.¬†IMR was originally created by the DuPont Corporation in the 1930’s. Prior to forming IMR, DuPont provided more than 80% of all powder needs to allied forces in World War I. The company produced 2.5 billion pounds of powder for the allies during World War II.

    IMR is part of the Hodgdon Powder Company family of propellants. Other brands owned by Hodgdon include Winchester Smokeless Propellants and Goex Black Powder. It was acquired by Hodgdon in 2003.

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