IMR Announces New Powders

    2017 IMR Family 1LB LR

    IMR Legendary Powders announced a group of new propellants for the coming year. With simple names like Red and Target, the new powders will cover the needs of a range of handgun cartridge and shotshell reloaders.

    The five new powders are:

    • IMR Target – fast burning pistol powder with fine grain, small flakes
    • IMR Red – clean burning 12 gauge shotshell powder; also good for reduced power handgun loads such as Cowboy loads
    • IMR Green – another shotshell powder; burns slower than red – good for trap handicap and sporting clays
    • IMR Unequal – small flake powder for a large number of shotshell and pistol loads
    • IMR Blue – slowest burning powder of the new introductions; good for heavy shotshell loads include 10 gauge and 3″/3.5″ 12 gauge

    No pricing has been yet announced, but the company expects to start shipping these in January. All of the powders will be available in either 14 ounce or one pound containers. Additionally, four and eight pound containers will be available for all five new propellants.

    The company expects to have recipes with the new powder on the Hodgdon Reloading Data Center soon. Hodgdon, if you were not already aware, is the parent company of IMR. Hodgdon purchased IMR more than 10 years ago in 2003. Hodgdon also licenses and produces¬†Winchester’s powder.

    Richard Johnson

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