New Winchester Powder

    Winchester 572

    Hodgdon Powder Company announced the release of Winchester 572: a new powder for the loading public. The new 572 began showing up on retailer websites recently, and the company made a formal announcement last week about it.

    While a lot of details are not yet available on 572, the company states the new loading powder is designed to work well in a variety of loads. One of its main uses is as a shotshell powder.

    According to Hodgdon, this load allows shooters to perfectly duplicate the Winchester AA target load in 28 gauge and the 12 gauge upland game load loaded with 1.25 ounces of shot at 1,330 fps. The company also states the powder is a good choice for handgun loads such as .380 ACP, .38 Special, 9mm and .45 ACP.

    The powder will be sold in one, four and eight pound containers.

    According to some folks at Cast Boolits that have gotten their hands on it, the powder is a ball powder with a burn rate similar to that of the IMR SR 4756 powder. Additional information can be found in the April 4 episode of the Power Factor Show.

    Hodgdon will have load data available for the Winchester 572 powder on its reloading recipe site At the time of this writing, some load data is already listed on that site.

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