Swedish Police & Special Forces working together (LWRC & Surefire)

    To meet the new challenges on the battlefield, which we know can be anywhere these days, the Swedish Police and Swedish Special Forces are working and training together.

    Using the Armed Forces for Police work has always a sensitive matter in Sweden since the Ådalen shootings in 1931, and this is not only a subject in Sweden but also in Germany and other European countries. The times they are a changin’.

    Since 2006 there is a frame agreement between the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Police and the Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) with a focus on anti-terrorism, which enables these forces to co-operate legally.

    Below you can find a set of pictures from a recent joint exercise.

    All photos are taken by Jimmy Croona at Försvarsmakten, The Swedish Armed Forces. Any blurring is how the pictures were presented originally, and you can check previous articles for what might be hiding behind.

    It has since been confirmed by Surefire (in Social Media, last week) that the suppressors are theirs. If not there, you read it here first.

    Since last time we saw pictures of these LWRC IC-A5s there has been a lot of painting and multi-camouflaging going on.

    Below: Top image, zoomed in and enhanced. Note the custom Swedish Three Crowns on the LWRC IC-A5 SBR. Note that the suppressor seems to have black tape around it.

    Photo: Jimmy Croona, Försvarsmakten. (Zoomed in from original)

    Below: Looks like a HK MP5 with Aimpoint at the back. LWRCI front. Glock pistols, which in Sweden is called Pistol 88 (Glock 17 1988), in this case they are Blue Guns. Surefire lights and Suppressors.

    Photo: Jimmy Croona, Försvarsmakten.

    Suppressed LWRCI IC-A5 in full multi-cam. Probably an Adventure Lights IR on the top of the helmet, as well as Night Vision Goggles. Glock in a holster.

    Photo: Jimmy Croona, Försvarsmakten.

    Below: Looks like a HK MP5 with Aimpoint at the front.

    Photo: Jimmy Croona, Försvarsmakten.

    The LWRC edition for the Swedish Police looks like this, IC-E in black.

    There is also an International co-operation – for instance between USA, Sweden and Finland where their Special Forces recently trained in the Armed Forces Exercise Aurora 17.

    Below: Swedish and US special-purpose operators together in Swedish helicopter 16. The original name for Helicopter 16 is UH-60M Black Hawk, manufactured by Sikorsky. Notice the US flag.

    Photo: Jimmy Croona, Försvarsmakten. Aurora 17 exercise.

    You can find the original source here, in Swedish, but with larger pictures.

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