Bazooka Green IC-A5 LWRCI SABR SWESOCOM - Swedish Special Forces with U.S. Air Force Special Tactics Operators Arisaka Defense Indexer Family Grows to Cover More Handguards LWRC SMG-45 golden trigger

LWRC IC-A5s Now in Use by Swedish LE

In what appears to be LWRC cornering the Swedish special operations and SWAT issue rifle market, we have yet more evidence of LWRC’s piston operated IC-A5 rifles in usage by the Särskilda operationsgruppen (SOG, Military SOF), the Förstärkt Regional [Read More…]

Results of US Marine Corps Infantry Automatic Trials Released Through FOIA Request

Today, a variant of the Heckler & Koch HK416 rifle is the standard squad infantry automatic rifle (IAR) of the United States Marine Corps, as the M27. At one time in the mid-2000s, though, companies from Colt to LWRC competed against each other in a competition to [Read More…]

LWRC is up for Sale

Jon Stokes breaks the news at All Outdoor that LWRC is up for sale … This past December there were rumors on AR15.com about a possible sale of LWRC to Colt. Apparently, any questions about a possible LWRC sale that were posted on the LWRC board were deleted by [Read More…]

LWRC M6A2 SPR Review

Guns n Girls have reviewed the LWRC M6A2 SPR rifle along with some fantastic gun photography. The M6A2 SPR gets its spiral fluting before going through the NiCorr treatment process. The fluting makes the barrel 20% lighter in weight and relieves any longitudinal [Read More…]


Chambered in 6.8mm SPC, this Personal Defense Weapon from LWRC packs a lot of firepower into a small package. It features a H&K-style skeleton stock which extends past a short buffer tube. This is not the most comfortable stock configuration, but it saves space. [Read More…]