BREAKING: Swedish SOG and Special Police units to get LWRCI Rifles

    LWRC M6 Rifle

    There are several independent rumors that LWRC International LLC (USA) has a contract with some of the Swedish Police Units called Reinforced Regional Task Force (Piketen), and most likely other military (SOG) and police units, to replace their aging and somewhat problematic HK 53.

    We flagged about this rumor in a recent article, where the Hamburg Police released the news that they are issuing AR-15 piston rifles from Haenel to some of their units.

    One of the sources is now online: Cornucopia (Swedish).

    SOG are using the HK G36C, HK 417 and likely the SAKO TRG M-10 among other firearms.

    The HK53 in use in at least one Regional Task Force (Gothenburg) is very similar in function to the MP5, which makes training faster and easier, and comes with a more powerful rifle caliber suitable for the special units. Other special units (Piketen and National Task Force) use the HK G36.

    Rumor has it they chose the model LWRC M6, but the exact model is unconfirmed until proven which might take a while.

    You can check out the LWRC M6-G(overnment) model here.

    The Swedish Armed Forces are also looking to have a new replacement for the aging FNC, Ak5 (Automatkarbin 5), to be ready by 2020. It would surprise me if LWRC, and the usual suspects like FN, HK416, weren’t a part in the selection. Potential name: Ak6, Automatkarbin 6. My guess for that selection: HK 416. The M6 is most likely too expensive. However, there is a lot of negativity around the HK 416.


    LWRC M6

    • LWRCI ARMRII Mid Length Rail with Picatinny Rail Sections
    • LWRCI Nicorr Treated Cold-Hammer Forged Standard Heavy Barrel
    • Optional Full Ambidextrous Lower Receiver: bolt catch and release; magazine release and fire control
    • LWRCI Enhanced Fire Control Group
    • Patented LWRCI Short Stroke Gas Piston System
    • LWRCI Skirmish BUIS | Back Up Iron Sights
    • LWRCI Carbine Stock with integrated sling attachment point.
    • Nickel-Boron coated bolt carrier.
    • LWRCI Railskin Rail Covers
    • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
    • Barrel Length: 10.5” (26.7cm) | 14.7” (37.3 cm) | 16.1” (40.9cm)
    • Weight: 6.5lbs (2.9kg) | 6.8 lbs (3kg) | 7.3 lbs (3.31kg)
    • Muzzle Threads: 1/2 x 28 TPI
    • Rifling: 1/7”RH

    LWRCI IC-Enhanced


    The price for the rifle is said to be around 2 500 USD, with fully equipped rifles ending at around 7 000 USD. So these are not to be considered as “volume” weapons, but for Special Units in the Armed Forces and Police. If I had a guess I would expect Spuhr mounts and B&T or Ase Utra sound supressors to be part of the options list.

    As a reference, the AK4 (HK G3) cost around 400 USD and the AK5 (FN FNC) 300 USD when they were purchased. No consideration for inflation there, but it seems both the HK416 and LWRC are considerably more expensive. On the other hand, as the conscript military service has ended (but might start again) in Sweden the volumes needed are much lower.

    The LWRC rifles have most likely not been delivered yet to the Police unit(s), but rather expected to happen during 2017. My guess is that SOG already have evaluated and using them as a replacement for the HK G36s. It will be interesting to see if the HK G36 is left now, or if it will remain in service.

    Below: I haven’t seen one live, but I kind of fell in love with this clever idea to be able to service and monitor the piston.

    2016-11-22 08.56.36


    History: For history lovers. In 1990 when the Pope Johannes Paulus II visited Stockholm, Sweden, the Police changed from “Machine pistol model 45” to the HK MP5, which is still in service. According to sources, the MP5 is actually named Model 89 internally, but I can find zero google hits or any other confirmation. Everyone refers to it as the “MP5”.

    Pope Francis very recently visited Lund and Malmoe in Sweden. If there were Police or Military units with a “Model 2016” (potential internal name for LWRC M6) around we’ll never know, but it’s an interesting coincidence.


    It is interesting to notice that Peter Thorsell, the Police responsible for weapons permit for civilians and also one of the “experts” for the EU Firearms directive, has lead a long crusade against the AR-15, as it is described as having “poor accuracy and therefore not fit for civilian ownership“. And although there is not a single case proven where someone altered an AR15 into fully automatic,  the claim is that this is very easy to do and common practice, and therefore shouldn’t be allowed for civilians.

    TFB will be following this matter closely in the future.

    Eric B

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