girlSHOT Concealed Carry Ammo Compact


    Chalk this one up to another of the things in the firearms industry that I don’t understand.

    A “lifestyle brand” called girlSHOT is offering a recently released product that is called the Concealed Carry Ammo Compact. This product is designed to mimic a make-up case that is frequently used by women. However, inside are 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

    The ammo is live. If you were to load it into a weapon, it would fire. But the Concealed Carry Ammo Compact just carries the rounds: no magazine, no gun, no nothing. Well, it does have a mirror on the inside of the lid like a make-up case would.

    According to girlSHOT website, the company advocates for “personal safety¬†& family protection” and offers “products with innovative design and technology.” I’m not sure how a small folding case with 10 loose rounds of ammunition furthers anyone’s personal safety, and I don’t see it as a technological advancement.

    The included ammunition is loaded in Kentucky (manufacturer not specified) with the NAS3 cases developed by Shell Shock Technologies. The loaded 9mm rounds use an all copper hollowpoint bullet of an unknown weight. Information published on the Shell Shock Technologies website indicates the bullets have a muzzle velocity of 1,150 fps though a test barrel length is not provided.

    One compact with 10 rounds of ammunition will set you back $49.95. 20 additional rounds can be purchased for $24.99.

    Side note: I recognize I am a man and may not understand the value of this product. So, I showed it to my wife. Not only did she not understand what benefit this product was supposed to offer, she said she would throat punch me if I ever spent $50 on 10 rounds of 9mm ammo.

    Richard Johnson

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