Shell Shock Cases and Tools Now Shipping

    Shell Shock Case

    Shell Shock Technologies announced the company is now shipping its new NAS3 cases and S3 reloading tools. The NAS3 cases are the two-part case design that I reported on earlier this year. Since that time, I have had a chance to load (and reload) production cases as well as shoot factory loaded ammunition that uses these cases.

    While I am still testing the design, so far I see no concern about the product’s ability, durability or safety. The dies are designed to work with all of the major press brands, and I’ve had good luck using an RCBS single stage press and a Lee Classic Turret press.

    Offered in 9mm right now, the company has plans for expansion into additional calibers in the near future.

    The NAS3 case is a two piece design that uses a nickel plated aluminum head with a nickel alloy body. The pieces are held together with a proprietary compression joint. The advantage associated with the design is a lighter overall case (roughly 50% lighter than brass) while offering improved tensile strength, elasticity and corrosion resistance than brass. According to the company, the metal properties allow for many reloads (37x in one test) and the cases are pressure tested beyond 70k psi.

    Pricing for 500 cases is $60, 1000 cases is $100 and 10k cases is $850. Die sets are $99. A quick check of Starline casesĀ at Midway USA shows $79/500 and $150/1,000 for virgin brass cases. Nickel-plated are more expensive. For what it’s worth, Creedmoor’s 9mm ammo is $1 cheaper/50 rounds with an identical load in a NAS3 case as compared to the brass cased load.

    So, the economics look like it might work, and in my limited testing, I’ve had no problems loading or shooting them. So far, things look positive for this company.

    Phil Note: I also have the loaded ammo as well as the cases and dies. Like Richard I’ve had good luck loading used as well as virgin cases. The ammo just works well.

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