New NovX Ammunition Using Shell Shock Cases

    NovX 9mm ammo

    Timberghost Tactical recently announced it was launching a new line of handgun ammunition called NovX. According to the company, the ammo is designed to be a “new class” of ammunition that “is ballistically superior; reduced recoil, match-grade accuracy, devastating wound channels.” (their words, not mine) This, again in the company’s words, makes the ammunition “the most effective, lethal combination of bullet technology” that has been introduced in the past 100 years.

    The first load in the NovX line is a 9mm cartridge. The round is the ARX Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense cartridge. Based on the name and appearance, it would seem that this load uses the Polycase ARX projectile that is made of a polymer and copper blend.

    The 65 grain bullet is loaded to 1,655 fps. In the company’s video (below), it identifies the round as the “fastest, most lethal 9mm round on earth.” While I have no facts for determining the relative lethality of this round compared to others, I do know there are faster 9mm loads on the market. The video also shows the round being shot into a clay block. I sincerely wish the company would have shown it being fired into ballistic gelatin for a better comparison of it to loads that are known to be effective fight stoppers.

    Interestingly, the cartridges use the Shell Shock Technologies NAS3 cases. The NAS3 case uses a two piece construction that offers a variety of benefits including being lighter, offering more consistent dimensions and less cost than virgin brass cases. Other companies such as Creedmoor Ammunition also use the NAS3 cases.

    I’ve had a chance to shoot factory loaded ammo using the NAS3 cases and had no problems with it at all. Additionally, I’ve reloaded the same cases. Other than needing a special die, the process is straightforward, and I had a good experience with those rounds as well.

    I am skeptical about the defensive usefulness of this new ammo. So far, the company has not released much data on the loads, and the claims seem dubious. I wish them luck, but I’ll stick with proven loads like Gold Dot and HST for now.

    But, hey – if the product box image is to be believed, you get a free bonus round with every box purchased.

    Richard Johnson

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