B&T APC223 with Telescoping stock

    The B&T APC223 is the civilian version of the B&T APC556. It’s Made in Switzerland and operates with a locked rotating bolt gas piston. Semi-automatic only.

    Originally, it comes with a shoulder fold-able stock, made out of polymer.

    However you can easily change the stock, this is done in a few minutes.

    I have only seen the inside of the APC9 (9×19 mm) stock, but I guess the buffer system looks different on the APC223.

    The PDW stock is very rigid and stable, by far one of the best PDW stocks I’ve tried. Unfortunately the price is quite high (it’s made in Switzerland in case you forgot!), but I haven’t been able to find out the exact amount.

    Below: The stock in the shortest (expanded) position.

    And the longest.

    The B&T APC223 with the traditional stock.

    As a comparison, the B&T APC556 PDW cal. 5.56 x 45 mm. According to B&T they have also taken out more weight (not much) than the normal APC556. The charging handle also looks more like the one on the HK MP5. Note the fully automatic setting.

    Designed to meet the future needs of Police and Military forces worldwide, the APC556, here in its PDW version with a very compact barrel, is a rugged but light carbine. Thanks to its telescopic stock and the short barrel the weapon is a perfect choice to be transported in any Police vehicle but also as PDW for military use. It is also well suited for all kinds of special operations (Military and Police).

    You can check more details of the APC9 and the PDW stock in TFBs previous article with a lot of nice photos.

    Eric B

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