MIC DROP: B&T Releases The APC223

    In yet another move to infiltrate the United States and spread awesomeness through the land, B&T has just announced that the first shipment of APC223 rifles pistols has arrived.  Of course, they are all sold out to dealers across the country, but fear not, a new shipment is on the way.

    The picture above is an example of B&T’s partnership with SBTactical, a company dedicated to manufacturing pistol stabilizing braces for a variety of different platforms. Even if you purchase an APC223 with the intent of converting it to a Short Barreled Rilfe using a the ATF Form 1 process, the SB Tactical brace gives the APC the look of a rifle while you wait for approval.

    Minh at TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG, who previously shared their recent acquisition of a handful of the B&T KH9 limited release pistols, has come through again with a set of exclusive pictures of the APC223 in rifle form. I think I’m in love.


    Credit: TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG

    The APC223, the civilian version of the highly respected APC556 is the perfect choice for the range. The Short version with its truncated barrel is the perfect choice for shooters in need of a compact rifle for dynamic shooting disciplines.

    B&T APC223 Features:

    • Calibre -5.56 x 45 mm / .223 Rem.
    • System – Locked rotating bolt gas piston operated rifle
    • Operation – Semi automatic
    • Charging handle – Interchangeable
    • Width – 67 mm (incl. chargin handle)
    • NAR Rails – 1 + 3
    • Handling – Ambidextrous
    • Shoulder stock – Foldable
    • Height – 282 mm (incl. 30 round magazin and sights)
    • Stock Pull – 345 mm
    • Muzzle attachment – 2 chamber muzzle brake
    • Primary Sighting System – Foldable open sights
    • Sight length – 340 mm
    • Suppressor connector – Integrated in muzzle brake
    • Magazines – 30 round polymer magazines
    • Also included – Two 30 round magazines, vertical foregrip, cleaning kit, sling, case, manual
    • Length min./max. – 556 mm / 768 mm
    • Barrel Length – 264 mm
    • Weight – 3.7 kg (incl. 30 round magazine and sights)

    Credit: TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG


    Credit: TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG


    Credit: TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG


    Credit: TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG


    Credit: B&T

    Make an APC223 in Alpine Green and don’t think I’ll be able to resist picking one up

    The unofficial MSRP for the pistol version is hovering at the $3K mark.


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