PREMIER: B&T KH9 Ready For US Release

    Brügger and Thomet is on a roll: a couple of weeks ago we got a sneak peak at a pre-production APC308 and now we are seeing the first KH9-A1’s to arrive here in the US. Minh at The Hardpoint/HiCaliberMfg an FFL/SOT in Ashland, Virginia was nice enough to share pictures of one of the two Swiss-made pistols that they received from B&T. Only 400 total KH9’s will be imported and available for purchase by American shooters and the MSRP is currently set at $2,250.

    KH9 @TFB - Credit: The Hardpoint/HiCaliberMfg

    KH9 @TFB – Credit: The Hardpoint/HiCaliberMfg

    I spoke briefly with Tim Nickler from B&T USA about the KH9. “There’s a small possibility of a .45 caliber KH45 model if the KH9 release goes well,” said Nickler. “We also expect that the GHM9 will be available around the first of the year.” Nickler also stated that 50-100 KH9s per year might be imported into the US depending on demand.

    Aesthetically, the KH9 makes me think a MAC-10 and a Yugo AK had a love child. In reality the grip assembly was borrowed from the STGW-90 Swiss Assault Rifle and the magazine well resembles an MP44. Mechanically, the pistol has some unique features, starting with a swappable magazine well that will be able to accept Suomi mags and possibly others in the future.


    KH9A1 @TFB – Credit: The Hardpoint/HiCaliberMfg

    Side folding stocks will be available for owners who have completed the ATF Form 1 “Making” process, although at the moment there is no supply of US-made parts – a requirement when complying with 922r regulations.

    From the specifications, the KH9 operates on a “recoil-reduced closed bolt blowback” action and features a three-lug muzzle adapter for the quick detachment of a suppressor. Details specify the use of the B&T SD-988100-US suppressor, but the recessed three-lug mount initially made me curious if other silencers will fit. Not to worry:


    KH9A1 @TFB – Credit: The Hardpoint/HiCaliberMfg



    KH9A1 @TFB – Credit: The Hardpoint/HiCaliberMfg



    KH9A1 @TFB – Credit: The Hardpoint/HiCaliberMfg



    KH9 @TFB – Credit: The Hardpoint/HiCaliberMfg



    KH9A1 @TFB – Credit: The Hardpoint/HiCaliberMfgq



    There are no safeties to be found on this blend of engineering and art – a decocker returns the KH9 back to double action after cycling. As with other B&T products, reports show that the KH9 is made with legendary Swiss precision.

    I want one.

    Writer’s Note: Putting aside my AK/Uzi humor above, the KH9 takes its true heritage from the late Italian-designed Sites Spectre which saw use by the Swiss Armed Forces.

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