The good people at G&R Tactical just released a few pictures and details on the yet-to-be-announced Brugger and Thommet (B&T) APC308 rifle. On initial inspection, the APC308 seems to be a mirror image of the APC556/APC223 rifle, except for the .308 chambering.

    For those unfamiliar with B&T, they produce some of the nicest pistol caliber carbines and rifles currently available – with prices to match. Also of note is that B&T has begun U.S. production of their line of suppressors allowing for sales to the civilian market here in America.

    B&T APC308 pre-release specifications:

    • MSRP: $2976.
    • Expected release: 1st Quarter 2017.
    • Uses PMAG’s (or equivalent).
    • 14.5 Hammer Forged (pinned).
    • Adjustable gas block

    B&T @ TFB

    While the news surrounding the release of the APC308 is awesome, I’m still waiting for B&T to make an announcement about a U.S. made VP9 (their integrally suppressed pistol) and the MP5SD ‘K’ sized suppressor. Both of which will have my attention and most likely my money.

    It does not matter what your current weapon system is, B&T has more than 300 different types of firearms in its reference collection, so we can start the development of mounts or other accessories right away.

    State of the art engineering competences enable B&T to create and produce the optimal possible tactical solutions for weapon systems. When B&T started in 1991, suppressors were the first product the company produced. Users of suppressors very often needed special optical sights on their weapons, so optical sight mounts for tactical weapons soon became a second product line.

    To complement this, B&T introduced a line of Tactical Rail Handguards (TRH), thus increasing the modularity of modern firearms, adapting them to accept laser sights, night vision devices, illumination systems, brass catchers and more.

    Many customers would also come to us asking for suitable weapon platforms that were not available from other manufacturers. In summer 2004 B&T started to produce its own line of complete weapons, these include:

    MP9 9mm submachine gun
    APR308/338 sniper rifle
    GL06 40mm grenade launcher
    APC9 submachine gun
    APC556/APC300 police carbine
    APC223 sporting rifle
    VP9 veterinarian pistol
    SPR300 urban sniping rifle
    As different as these weapons are, they all have something in common; these weapons are genuinely modular, offering many interfaces to accept all accessories that your missions may require.


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