New adjustable stocks from Swiss B&T

    For the Swiss B&T APC-9/45 semi-automatic carbines and B&T APC223/300 semi-auto rifles there are multiple shoulder stocks available. It seems the swiss never run out of ideas to produce.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the B&T APC it can be described as a modern HK MP5.

    The latest addition to the APC line is the B&T telescopic stock, which has 3 + 1 positions (length only) adjustable settings.

    The new stock offers extremely compact dimension, and can be extracted very fast by simply pulling it out.

    The stock is self locking and there is no need to press any levers when pulling it out.

    To get it back in the minimized position, simply press the lever and push it back in.

    The stock is very easy to operate, offers great support albeit its limited size and, most important of all, it is possible to shoot with the stock in the minimized position.

    Collapsed the shortest B&T APC9 is only 404 mm (15.9″) overall. Extended 582 mm ((22.9″).

    The weapon design between the APC9 and the AR-15 is obviously not the same, but compared to the North Eastern Arms Compact Carbine Stock the B&T solution feels much better and more reliable.

    The price? If you have to ask…688 CHF or roughly 700 USD.

    As the buffer and spring is built into the stock, and the quantities are limited, this is most likely the main reasons behind the hefty price tag.

    B&T also have a lot of options for the H&K MP5/MP5SD/MP5k range of sub-machine guns.

    Also, if you are lucky to own one, the new stock seems to fit the B&T 40 mm Greande Launcher.

    B&T shoulder stocks


    Below, some examples:



    Swiss engineering, swiss pricing.


    Different shoulder stocks for different missions.



    B&T APC9 Suomi with Aimpoint H1 Micro (and Glock 43), all in 9×19 mm. Optional telescopic stock.

    B&T telescopic stock for B&T APC9/45. Minimized. Note: Ejection port is still open and usable in the collapsed position. Magazine in B&T coupler.


    Tumi operator. Suppressed B&T APC9 “Suomi” with foldable stock.



    B&T APC9 with the new stock fully out.

    Copy of F01A2958_resize

    B&T APC-9 with the shortest barrel available, and collapsible stock minimized. Aimpoint H1 Micro on top. Collapsed the shortest B&T APC9 is only 404 mm (15.9″) overall, and will most likely go sideways into most gun safes!


    SHOT Show 2016 and the B&T product line.


    Eric B

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