Strike Industries AK Simple Featureless Grip For California Compliance

    Good news, everyone! Strike Industries has yet another new product in the works. All kidding aside, those guys pump out new stuff weekly it seems. This time around Strike Industries has a product for AK-47 owners in the great state of California. If you’ve been living under a rock or have been too busy reading about Sig P320 posts I’ll fill you in, California’s leaders are ill informed to say the least and they’ve passed laws forcing their residents to either register their AKs, ARs etc as “assault rifles” or they have to take off all the scary evil parts. The pistol grip being one of them.

    Strike Industries as well as many other companies have come up with solutions for gun owners in CA. Their new AK Simple Featureless Grip is one such solution for AK owners, it’s basically a pistol grip with a fin added to it. Because your thumb cannot fully wrap around the fin it’s technically not a pistol grip. They have a similar product as well for the AR-15 called the Megafin Featureless Grip. There’s also the Option Zero Stock from Survivor Systems that has a fin and grip built into the stock along with a spot for extra mag storage. There’s an even more simple solution called the Battle Fin that you can add to your existing pistol grip.

    The AK Simple Featureless Grip from Strike Industries will retail for just $9.95 over at

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