Battle Fin California Compliant AK Grip

    California is a pretty big market for gun companies, but the state of California is making it harder for their citizens to own firearms. New laws have passed recently targeting AR-15 and AK-47 variants which will require Californians to either register their rifles as “assault rifles” or force them to change out the scary assault rifle features, one of them being the pistol grip. Thank Odin there are companies stepping up to help those in California, one of them is AK H.A.M.M.R. who just released their Battle Fin for AK rifles. AK H.A.M.M.R. also makes a handy bullet button tool for AKs.

    The Battle Fin is a universal fit for all AK platform rifles that’s easy to install between the rifle receiver and pistol grip. It makes your AK CA compliant by restricting the shooter’s thumb from wrapping around the pistol grip. It’s a dumb law I know. The Battle Fin is coming soon and will retail for just $18.99. Check them out at

    The BATTLE FIN™ was designed as a visually attractive, competitively priced fin for featureless AK rifle builds. Use this product to simulate shooting with no thumbs. It’s a little known fact that pistol grips, while comfortable, have never been proven to improve weapon system control and actually contribute to poor marksmanship fundamentals. Shoot with no thumbs like real man. The BATTLE FIN™ also prevents your obnoxious pistol grip from getting caught up in your other tactical gear. The BATTLE FIN™ improves underwater flow dynamics during deep water operations. When your California approved 10 round mag runs dry, use the BATTLE FIN™ as a shield during melee attacks. Installation of the BATTLE FIN™ is extremely simple and quick — simply loosen your grip bolt, slide the BATTLE FIN™ in between your receiver and super evil/dangerous pistol grip and re-tighten bolt.

    Some grips with a more swept back grip angle, such as Magpul MOE grips, will require the forward facing section of the fin to be snapped off along the molded in “break line.”

    Molded from durable and rigid glass filled nylon

    Featureless rifle component

    Ambidextrous design

    Universal fit for AK platform rifles

    Break away feature adapts to multiple grip angles

    Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA

    A few other CA compliant products available for those poor souls in Commiefornia can be found below:

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