Strike Industries Rolls Out Megafin Cali Compliant Featureless Grip

    I promise we are almost done with the epic flood of new Strike Industries parts with the new Megafin Featureless Grip. I mean we love Strike parts just as much as the next guy, but do they really need to be so darned motivated with all these new parts? I guess they do, that is what makes them who they are after all.

    For those of you scratching your heads like me, you really should look into California law to see how shooters have to configure their rifle. It is nothing short of baffling, interesting, and a little bit sad. Strike wanted to make sure that Cali shooters were able to outfit their rifle with some cool stuff so they released the Megafin grip that was designed to give ban state shooters as positive of an experience as they possibly could.

    Strike Industries says they designed the Megafin featureless grip to be as ergonomic as they possibly could and given the constraints of a featureless grip, they did a pretty decent job it looks like. They even included a built in finger bump similar to the Accuracy Bump that we have tested in the past.

    While this product doesn’t really appeal to me, there are many in California that will be adding a Megafin grip to their Cali compliant AR build.

    The Megafin grip carries an MSRP of $39.95 and is currently available for purchase from Strike Industries as well as their authorized retailers. You can learn more about the Megafin featureless grip on the Strike Industries website.