Survivor Systems Option Zero CA Compliant AR Stock

    Oh yaaayyyy another California compliant product post, I know they’re probably getting old. Just move out of Commiefornia already! For those who can’t leave for various reasons another company has come up with a clever new product to let those stuck behind enemy lines enjoy their AR-15s. The folks at Survivor Systems just debuting their new Option Zero stock to help make your AR California compliant.

    In case you forgot, one of the evil features on an “assault rifle” in CA is the pistol grip. One work around for that is to make a fin behind the pistol grip restricting the shooter’s thumb from fully wrapping around the grip. Here’s a CA legal pistol grip fin for AK owners from Battle Fin.

    Shooting an AR with one of these bastardized grips can be awkward. To make their CA compliant grip and stock feel more natural to shoot Survivor Systems changed the grip angle a bit putting the shooter’s wrist in a more natural position. And because Californians are limited to just 10 round mags Survivor Systems placed an extra mag storage compartment on the butt stock.

    For those with short T-rex arms or longer Jon Jones arms the Option Zero stock also features interchangeable spacers to change the length of pull from 12-7/8″ to 14-1/4″. The stock is easy to install but it will only work with a Mil-Spec buffer. The Option Zero stock will be available in Black and Flat Dark Earth, it’s going to retail for $149.99 and is currently available for pre-order. Check them out at

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