Evolution Weapon Systems: Shoot Your AR With Law Tactical Folded

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

The Law Tactical folding adapter has made a name for itself for those looking to have a folding stock or brace on their AR builds. The latest iteration of the Law Tactical folder allows the user to fire a single round. But since the buffer and spring are retained in the buffer tube, you cannot continue to fire your AR.

Well Evolution Weapon Systems has come up with a new system that is shrouded in mystery at the moment. @TheGatMan teases us with a video demonstrating the new system on an AR pistol with the buffer tube folded using a Law Tactical folder.

Here is another video showing off the bufferless BCG. We do not get to see the magic and sorcery behind this but hopefully we will soon.

In the meantime stay tuned to Evolution Weapon Systems for more info.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • CJS3 CJS3 on Jun 07, 2017

    Shortened BCG with dual springs and guide rods, and a modified hammer to fit between the guide rods. The rear of the upper would also have to be modified to screw in a back brace to hold it all together. My guess is that they haven't released any details because the back brace/stop (whatever you want to call it) keeps coming loose. Notice the holes on the back of the pistol. The two times he fired it, they moved.

  • Jason Jason on Jun 12, 2017

    Desire to know more intensifies.