[SHOT 2024] Dusty Sroufe Introduced the new G19 Gen 3 Frame

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[SHOT 2024] Dusty Sroufe Introduced the new G19 Gen 3 Frame

Dusty Sroufe, a seasoned figure in the firearms industry, has branched out independently with a brand by the name of Grit Grips. The notable designer made waves at the SHOT 2024 expo when he unveiled his new G19 Gen 3 frame. This technologically innovative piece marks the maiden third-gen Glock 19-style frame to incorporate a Gen 4-style safety mechanism, according to Sroufe.

The G19 Gen 3 frame also embodies enhanced ergonomics such as an 18-degree grip angle. This specific redesign is claimed to provide a more natural pointing experience than the regular variants of Glock. In addition, a clearly defined and restructured “gas pedal” at the forefront of the frame was manifested to ensure an improved grip for the firearm.

Sroufe took a strategic approach towards the trigger guard as well, recessing it at the back. This tactical alteration eradicates the necessity to manually make changes with tools like a Dremel for improvements. Another salient feature in the frame’s design is the grip pattern, specially devised to combat upward recoil rather than front-to-back, causing minimal friction on skin and clothes.

Grit Grips extends its product range further than just the G19 Gen 3 frame. They also offer every possible component necessary to compose a DIY build with this firearm. This serves as good news for firearm enthusiasts enabling them to build their firearms with accurate equipment.

A variety of color finishes will be available for consumers including Black, OD green, FDE, and gray. Sroufe affirms that Grit Grips caters to building a complete G19-style pistol for an estimated cost of around $300. However, it is important to note that the brand does not indulge in selling fully assembled handguns.

As for the financial details, the unassembled frame is offered at an MSRP of $69.99, while the assembled frame can be purchased for $114.99. A competitive price tag considering the unique set of features this new product on the market offers. It appears that Dusty Sroufe, with his vast experience and understanding of the industry, might just be onto his next successful venture with Grit Grips.

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  • Ahab Ahab on Jan 28, 2024

    Not sure what is meant by a Gen 4 safety, but it does appear to use a Gen 4 magazine release.

  • Mark Mark on Jan 30, 2024

    Looks great, hope we see a G17 frame next