Salient Arms Aerial Shooting Shenanigans!

    Salient Arms International has been posting trick shot videos on their Facebook page for some time now. The videos mostly seem to be of one individual associated with the company, who is awfully good at engaging moving targets, very small ones at that! I personally think the most impressive one is where he shots a drop of water out of the air, as it drips down from a ledge, at around 10 meters.

    A note on safety must be said here, especially with aerial shooting with a centerfire cartridge. Apparently the location at which these were filmed at, is a private one that extends for several miles in many directions. However, with that being said, I would still be concerned and doing some trajectory math so that no matter where a round was fired, it wouldn’t endanger any human being.

    With that being said, the added music, visual effects, and the slow motion frame shots add immensely to the sheer craziness of what this guy is achieving. Absolutely phenomenal shots every one of them.

    This one appears to be a cigarette butt-

    What appear to be golf balls-

    An RC car leaping over a ramp, and a small flag on it getting shot-

    Shooting a golf ball twice in the air, trying to keep it there as long as possible-

    Shooting the cap off a glass bottle without breaking the glass-

    Actually driving a gold ball with a golf club, then shooting it in the air-

    Popping a golf ball up and down with a small stick, then hitting it away and then shooting it-

    Same drill-


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