Over Under Shotgun Trick Shots With The Gould Brothers

    At one-time shooting displays were much more widespread, but today exhibition shooters are becoming near extinct. Thankfully the American tradition continues with duos like the Gould Brothers shooting team. In their latest video, the brother’s set the semi-auto shotguns they are so fond of aside and break out the classic Winchester 101 over-under.

    The Winchester 101 has been shooting clays and bagging birds since its introduction in 1963. The brothers show us that the old over-under still has it by making some pretty impressive trick shots like throwing two clays, shooting one, ejecting the empty, reloading and breaking the second clay. While watching it, I kept thinking “woulda missed that one” making the video that much more impressive. At this point, I think I am convinced that the brothers aren’t exactly human, but instead some sort of polite Terminator that was programmed to end all clay pigeons.

    Want to find out when the Gould Brothers might be in your area? Head on over to their website for more information about the team and their schedule by clicking HERE. You can also keep up with them on their YouTube channel HERE, make sure to subscribe to catch the latest videos as they come out.