DIY Salient Arms AR-15

    In the past couple of months, Salient Arms International sold matched uppers and lowers. They were on sale for $350. I bought a set and in the past two weeks, built my version of the Salient Tier 1 AR-15. For those not familiar with the Tier 1, here is a review.

    SAI receiver


    I used a spare Troy Carbine as a donor for most of the parts. Harvesting everything from the upper receiver from the BCG to the barrel and the gas block. At first I transplanted everything.

    Salient Arms Panda

    Troy SAI


    But this is not the same as the Tier 1. The Tier 1 uses a LVOA rail from Warsport. Warsport does not sell their rail separately. So I went to airsoft for my solution. A Hong Kong based company makes a replica LVOA style rail called Wire Cutter Rail System. I originally bought one for my S&W M&P15-22.




    Here it is after some rattle can paint. Note that Rustoleum Camo Army Green is nothing like Army Green. I was expecting something close to Foliage Green but that is not what I got.

    15-22 b


    After some range tests, the WCRS rail worked great on the .22LR 15-22. Now it was time to step up to a bigger caliber. So I got another one and installed it on my Salient Arms upper receiver.

    15-22 a



    Here is the result of that build. A real Salient Tier 1 uses a 14.5″ barrel with a rifle gas system. I am using my Troy 16″ mid length barrel. Which is why my VG6 Precision Gamma 556 muzzle brake extends past the rail system.

    10696165_10153326669060337_5331962028996911871_n 10956626_10153326669165337_5133040519510706400_n 11156127_10153326669285337_2141274342856790139_n 11174931_10153326668335337_4389488736626276927_n 10564997_10153326668625337_7098057177451323610_n

    I went out and test fired this setup and the rail held up great.


    Seeing and knowing the quality that this company uses to make this rail, I was confident that it would work for a real AR-15. i can confirm that it works and it is solid.

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