POTD: FNP-45 Tactical Blew Up

    Ian S. experienced quite a shock when his FNP tactical exploded.

    FN Tactical blew up on me today. Appears to have not been completely in battery so either really dirty or a high primer. Hands are burnt and really bruised but not bad considering. Also, +1 for eye pro.

    Eta: I guess I should have detailed the ammo. These were reloads run by the thousand on my progressive. Looking at the rest of the lot, there were a few with high primers so this is where I got this theory. This lot was at the bottom of the data range and even a double charge would not have caused critical pressure so something else went wrong. Chamber is to spec and checks out with headspace gauges. Also, last round was a hit so it wasn’t a squib.

    I saw a few comments posted poking fun at the polymer frame. The majority of the blast was funneled down the mag well and out the bottom with almost zero damage to the frame. You can see where the mag release split and shot between my fingers, but the magazine body contained the rest. I’m fairly confident that the results would have been the same in a steel frame gun, with the exception of the slide and fcg lifting out of the frame a little

    He did not experience any major injuries and was quite lucky.

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