TFB Reviews A Classic: The Palmetto State Armory AR-15A4

A Visit to FNH USA ProShop

While on my way back from Big 3 East, I detoured by Columbia, South Carolina. Not really much choice due to high way close outs from the storm and flooding. I was happy to make the detour. My friend and I were running a tad late. According to my GPS, we would arrive [Read More…]

Kids in 3Gun

At the 2015 FNH USA 3Gun Championship I got the pleasure of meeting and watching the Realuyo brothers, Nicholas and Alexander shoot stage 3. The photo above was taken by Becky Yackley. You can see the two brothers and their father Al Realuyo. If I recall correctly I [Read More…]

FN uppers


FNH USA is now offering AR-15 uppers for sale. Four different uppers are now being sold: 16″ carbine, 20″ rifle, 16″ tactical carbine and the 18″ DMR. Here are the details on each: FN 15 16″ Carbine Upper Assembly Barrel Profile: M4-style [Read More…]



FNH USA announced the company would make a limited number of FNS-9 pistols with a flat dark earth (FDE) slide. According to the announcement, the company will only make 500 of these handguns, and only the 9mm version of the FNS will be available. The slide will be [Read More…]

Flexible FNX Magwell

Dustin Ellerman, Winner of Top Shot Season 3, posted this video of his FNX Tactical. It had been sitting out in the Texas heat, and the polymer grip became pliable. I am not concerned about the grip, but the more important part of the frame, like the slide rails. If the [Read More…]