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FDE FN America Primary Arms now offers a spectrum of FN America's AR barrels. Creedmoor scar FN 509 Compact N 509 FDE & MRD midsize mrd FN 509 hicks 509 midsize

Details About Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle Competition Contestants

A confidential source has revealed to TFB the current contestants that have passed the most recent phase of the Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle Competition (NGSAR). This phase is less of an actual competition between small arms prototypes but more of a theoretical [Read More…]

FN SCAR-SC carbine


Some funny photos taken by Greg Skazinski. When people say a certain gun is too big for AIWB carry just show them this and tell them they are not trying hard enough. The Xmas sweaters are a nice touch. Anyone recognize the optic in the photo above? At first I thought it [Read More…]