GripShot, The Rail Mounted Serpa Pistol Holster

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

GripShot is an adapter to mount either a Safariland ALS or Serpa holster to picatinny rails. The GripShot mount costs $135.

The premise is that it is faster to have your sidearm in your field of view and it is faster than drawing your pistol from a traditional hip mounted or drop leg holster.

The video is a bit misleading as the Traditional shooter takes a rather long time getting his gun out of his holster. I have seen much faster manipulation on drawing a pistol out of a drop leg rig.

Here are some other examples of the GripShot.

AR57 upper with FNH Five Seven pistol.
AR57 with Five Seven pistol.
Revolver rail mounted?
Non Lethal Taser option.
Taser rail mounted

GripShot address the “Isn’t it heavy?” comment. However they address it with misogynistic ridicule and the rationale that more guns wins gun fights. This will be quicker than drawing a side arm from a traditional hip mounted holster, so they believe.

Another feature is drawing the side arm when someone takes the rifle away. First of all, I don’t think they should be walking so close to a suspect to have the problem to begin with, but I am not LE or MIL.

Also for less than lethal shotguns you can add a taser to pump your shotgun.

They have not addressed the issue of Serpa holsters and the users who have had negligent discharges or when the Serpa lock seizes up and wont release the gun. I have not heard of Safariland ALS holsters failing so perhaps they are better off using those.

Another possible issue is mounting a handgun to a rifle. Now I think they avoid the issues of making the pistol into an SBR since the gun technically cannot be fired when it is in the holster.

I am not sure if this solved a real problem or just another tacticool accessory for mall ninjas.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Mazryonh Mazryonh on May 09, 2016

    This rig looks like it would make using the long gun the gripshot is attached to difficult if you were coming around a left-handed corner.

    As for keeping a backup handgun easily accessible, we already have many kinds of handgun holsters for carrying on many body locations.

  • CavScout CavScout on May 16, 2016

    Ugh, just STFU on the serpa BS. People shooting themselves in the leg happens often, with all sorts of holsters. Funny, the US mil doesn't have these issues... because they teach being responsible for your actions...