True Velocity & FN America Partner on Lightweight Medium Machine Gun

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss
True Velocity's LWMMG (True Velocity)

Back in June 2023 FN America and True Velocity announced a partnership to develop and market an M240 conversion kit leveraging True Velocity's lightweight composite-cased ammunition. The two companies have now announced their intention to expand this partnership with work on the .338 Norma Magnum chambered Lightweight Medium Machine Gun.

The partnership will see FN America become the primary manufacturer of the weapon system providing expertise and scale of production needed if the weapon is selected by the US military as part of its ongoing exploration of the .338 medium machine gun concept which has seen both SIG Sauer, Ohio Ordnance Works and others develop weapons to fit the niche. True Velocity's LWMMG stems originally from General Dynamic's design which was divested to to True Velocity's sister company Lone Star Future Weapons in 2021. While FN have most recently developed their EVOLYS assault machine gun platform, this partnership with True Velocity will position them to engage in the upcoming Department of Defense tender for LWMMG.

True Velocity @ TFB:

M240B in TV 6.8mm (True Velocity)

Here's FN America and True Velocity's announcement in full:

Texas-based ammunition and weapon system manufacturer TV Ammo, Inc. (“True Velocity”) and FN America, LLC (“FN America”), a global leader in the development and manufacture of military small arms, have announced a strategic licensing and manufacturing partnership for the production of True Velocity’s .338 Norma Lightweight Medium Machine Gun for U.S. and Allied military units.
The partnership positions FN America as a primary manufacturer of True Velocity’s .338 Norma machine gun, a recoil-mitigated weapon system designed to provide warfighters with range and terminal performance similar to that of the century-old .50-caliber M2 machine gun in a lightweight, functional profile comparable to that of the ubiquitous M240 machine gun also manufactured by FN America.
“True Velocity’s .338 machine gun will change the battlefield for our warfighters. We are thrilled that FN will join with us so we can equip U.S. and Allied militaries with this combat advantage,” said True Velocity President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer Craig Etchegoyen. “It very quickly became clear that FN is a world-renowned, reliable, and respected manufacturer of innovative machine guns, and we’re excited for them to join our mission.”
A lightweight machine gun solution chambered for the .338 Norma cartridge has been a focal point of requirements emerging from the U.S. Department of Defense and Allied militaries in recent years. In March 2024, the United States Department of Defense selected True Velocity’s .338 Norma Lightweight Medium Machine Gun for continued evaluation in a military program aimed at fielding a weapon system that would bridge the performance gap between the .50-caliber M2 machine gun and the M240 machine gun chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO. The combination of True Velocity’s recoil-mitigated .338 Norma Lightweight Medium Machine Gun and its advanced, lightweight composite-cased ammunition provides a turn-key combat solution capable of enhanced controllability, maximized maneuverability, and extreme precision at extended range.
“FN America is extremely excited to partner with True Velocity on this effort to deliver the next medium machine gun to the U.S. military,” said Mark Cherpes, President and CEO for FN America, LLC. “Both companies share that drive and desire to innovate and deliver game-changing technology to the warfighter. This has produced a really great team environment on this effort.“
Incorporating proprietary “impulse-averaging recoil mitigation” technology, True Velocity’s .338 Norma machine gun delivers a 300-grain projectile with enhanced range and precision, while optimizing controllability and maintaining a profile similar to that of the M240 belt-fed machine gun, which is chambered for the smaller, less energetic 7.62x51mm cartridge.
“True Velocity’s lightweight medium machine gun submission is the product of more than a decade of continued innovation and rigorous evaluation,” said True Velocity Senior Executive Vice President of Sales Kevin Sims. “This weapon system delivers unprecedented tactical and operational capabilities to our American warfighters. The sooner we bring it to the battlefield, the better.”
Matthew Moss
Matthew Moss

Managing Editor: & Overt Matt is a British historian specialising in small arms development and military history. He has written several books and for a variety of publications in both the US and UK. Matt is also runs The Armourer's Bench, a video series on historically significant small arms. Here on TFB he covers product and current military small arms news. Reach Matt at:

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  • NTX NTX on Jun 21, 2024

    FN flops again…I really had hope that they were working on something cool to follow the EVOLYS.

    This is gonna be a no-go for so many reasons.

    They know the “GD” mg can’t compete on its merits so they’re hoping the weight savings of the ammo will help. DoD is not going to want 2 entirely different types of 338NM cartridges, so if they end up evaluating the TV/FN LWMMG with a traditional chamber, what are they left with?


    -Isn’t lighter than Sig by a meaningful amount

    -Uses a similar design/operating mechanism as Sig

    -Uses essentially the same construction philosophy as an M240

    -And lacks a laundry list of modern features that are defacto requirements for modern machineguns

    (No inline optic/enabler mounting, No feed side swap, No caliber modularity, and poor ergonomics)

    I get it FN was tardy to the party on this initiative (surprise surprise), but this just isn’t compelling. I guess we need to see if HK will offer anything for the Western Europeans.

    • Lcon Lcon on Jun 22, 2024

      GD seems to have splintered off the LWMMG and the NGSWs to LoneStar who was then bought by True Velocity. So GDLS seems out of this. However they seem to lack firearms manufacturing capabilities. When they were bidding for NGSW they partnered with Beretta.

      FN has machine gun experience but EVOLYS was designed for lightweight SF use as a weapon closer to an assault rifle than a Machine Gun. The LWMMG seems more of an MG and possibly a next step beyond the FN MAG. Although Socom has been demonstrating the SIG MG338 I believe that the contract is still pending. So TV could win. Though FN maybe interested in export opportunities for it too.

      addendum Sig is being sued by TV on claims there Mg338 used IP from the LWMMG.

  • Bri85089535 Bri85089535 on Jun 22, 2024

    Ok, this is a interesting idea but once again were reinventing the wheel so to

    speak, going back far enough the 7.92x 57aka 8mm Mauser was the dominant

    rifile round and outside of national calibers like the french and brits had with

    thiers the 8mm was the round, basically it was the 8mm geman mauser round

    vs the soviet 7.62 x 54R round .

    Now this .338NM is being pitched, which I don't get, why not use the new

    6.8 x 51 round as a base and make a bigger caliber version of it , like 8.6x 51,

    its not about the shell casing, its the bullet design and bullet weight .

    As for operating systems, theres basically three, the Czech CZ tipping bolt

    design, the soviet Degtyarev ti[pping bolt with locking flaps (Kjellman influenced) and the classic rotating bolt. all has operated . Before the FN

    Minimi system came along the LMG of reference was usually inspite of not

    having a quick chan ge barrel , was the soviet Degtyarev RPD and RPDM .

    The issue I see here will be recoil, a .338 caliber heavy bullet is gonna give

    a heavier recoil kick which to me would indicate alot of new ideas about how

    to tame recoil and still keep a lightweight weapon. sounds like some sort

    of ultra lightweight hydraulic buffer combined with a variable rate recoil ,

    the firearm equivalent of the automotive miniblock spring whose coils

    have a varying wire thicklness getting a pregressively high sprin g rate as the

    spring is compressed . so a light load you get still the ultra smooth ride ,

    • Lcon Lcon on Jun 22, 2024

      Think of it as an M2 Browning that has the weight of an M240B.